Chris Mungall | 11 Jul 23:27 2013


Hi all,

I wrote a bioperl module for generating RDF/turtle for features using the FALDO model [1]

I think this is the first time I've contributed code to bioperl since the brave new world of github - I suppose
as I am a developer I could have added it straight in but I forked and made a pull request

Is this the correct protocol?

There's a bit more work to do - mapping all the various GFF attributes to the desired properties is something
that requires broader discussion in the GFF3/FALDO communities.

The sensible thing to do would be to compare the output with Rob Hoehndorf's Groovy GFF3 to FALDO converter -
I confess I haven't done this yet.

For the FALDO folks, this allows a wider range of formats to be converted to FALDO, and makes it easier to use
FALDO from within existing bioperl based architectures.