Bremen Braun | 12 Jul 00:42 2013

Building a tree rooted at a node in the NCBI taxonomy (Bio::DB::Taxonomy)

I've been attempting to build a taxonomy tree given an arbitrary nodeID but 
I only ever get back zero or one descendant for any node. For this example 
I'm trying to build a tree with the  same structure as the taxonomic tree 
shown here

The problem is illustrated below:

use Bio::DB::Taxonomy;

my $hominidaeID = 9604;
my $db = Bio::DB::Taxonomy->new(-source => 'entrez');
my $node = $db->get_taxon(-taxonid => $hominidaeID); # successfully get 
back a Bio::Taxon as expected
my  <at> directDescendants = $db->each_Descendent($node); # PROBLEM: returns no 
descendants but I expected "Homininae" and "Ponginae"