Alexey Morozov | 25 Sep 08:00 2013

Fetching particular tags of genbank/genpept features via eutils

Dear colleagues,
I'm not sure if this list is the right place to ask, but I have a question
regarding NCBI eutils. Say, I have lots of CDS's IDs like NP_769305.1 or
YP_001638012.1. "Lots" as in "Millions of them" (a metagenomic project). Of
course, I want to get something actually meaningful, so I decided to use
"product" field of associated protein records. Can I spare fetching
complete records, which will easily be gygabytes upon gigabytes of
unnecessary data and get at least only "protein" feature of genpept file?


Alexey Morozov,
LIN SB RAS, bioinformatics group.
Irkutsk, Russia.