Mark Nadel | 11 Dec 17:11 2013

Re: Possible bug in Bio::Restriction::Analysis


Thanks for your interest. Here is some code that will generate the data to
which I refer in my earlier post:

use Bio::DB::GenBank;

use Bio::Restriction::Analysis;

use Bio::Restriction::EnzymeCollection;

my $db = Bio::DB::GenBank->new();

my $seq = $db->get_Seq_by_acc('U00096');

my $rebase = Bio::Restriction::IO->new(

      -file   =>  '/Users/marknadel/Documents/adhoc_withrefm.txt',

      -format => 'withrefm' );

my $rebase_collection = $rebase->read();

my $ra = Bio::Restriction::Analysis->new(-seq=>$seq,-enzymes=>$

my $all_cutters = $ra->cutters;

foreach my $enz ($all_cutters->each_enzyme()){




 my  <at> z=  $ra->positions($enz->name());

    my $k = $#z;

    for ($j=0;$j<=$k;$j++){

    print "\t$z[$j]";



print "\nDONE";

Unfortunately, the enzymes that I mentioned in the post are not included in
the base distribution. Here is a very brief file to use:








<5>Bacillus pumilus 10

<6>NEB 1777


<8>Degtyarev, S.K., Zilkin, P.A., Prihodko, G.G., Repin, V.E., Rechkunova,
N.I., (1989) Mol. Biol. (Mosk), vol. 23, pp. 1051-1056.

Stankevicius, K., Lubys, A., Timinskas, A., Vaitkevicius, D., Janulaitis,
A., (1998) Nucleic Acids Res., vol. 26, pp. 1084-1091.

This is the file /Users/marknadel/Documents/adhoc_withrefm.txt used in the
snippet above.

Thanks again,



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