Matt Fowles | 27 Apr 00:16 2006

Perl Summarizing


It has become abundantly clear to me that I will not find the time to
resume summarizing the perl lists.  I doubt this surprises many of you
given how long it has been since the last summary.  Paradoxically, I
have found myself wishing that there were summaries as there seems to
have been a lot of movement lately and I have not had much time to
read it all.

In the hopes of inspiring someone to take my place, I would like to
encourage any interested party to just start summarizing and thus
become the official perl 6 summarizer.

NB - I do not assume to speak for Piers in this, so interested parties
may want to coordinate with him.

Best of luck,
"Computer Science is merely the post-Turing Decline of Formal Systems Theory."
-Stan Kelly-Bootle, The Devil's DP Dictionary