Adam Kennedy | 5 Oct 15:22 2005

Spurious CPAN Tester errors from Sep 23rd to present.

The new version of Test::More from Sep 23rd improved the STDERR output 
on test failure. Unfortunately, this has accidentally broken 
Test::Builder::Tester's test_fail function. (and maybe other 
test-testing modules)

T:B:Tester is used by about 26 other testing modules, and from there it 
cascades out to 500+ other distributions, including LWP and almost the 
entire web section of CPAN.

A certain unknown percentage of these (probably very low at this point) 
will be failing spuriously in CPAN tester reports starting at around 
report number 250,000 upwards... the pattern should look something like 

It will probably start as a trickle of failures and gradually increase.

Please ignore these bad reports. I've contacted Schwern to get that 
specific change to Test::More backed out ASAP. These problem, if you get 
any, should go away shortly.

Given that the repair alternatives are to backout the Test::More change 
and increment the T:B:Tester Test::More version to the newest (or at 
least, NOT the current) or to change all 26 other modules, backing out 
seems the sanest option at this point

Adam K