Lucas Nussbaum | 25 May 07:43 2011

Re: Changes for Ruby in Debian (and Ubuntu)

On 25/05/11 at 12:00 +0900, Eric Christopherson wrote:
> On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 4:48 PM, Lucas Nussbaum
> <lucas <at>> wrote:
> > Installing gems executables to /usr/local/bin
> > =============================================
> > Rubygems (both as a standalone package, and as shipped with Ruby 1.9.X)
> > now install executables to /usr/local/bin.
> Do the other files belonging to gems still get installed under /var?

Yes. The Debian changelog says:
  * Change 01_default_gem_path.diff:
    + executables are now installed to /usr/local/bin.
    + but the other files created by rubygems stay in /var/lib/gems/1.8.
    Several commenters in #448639 and #403407 argued in favor of the switch to
    /usr/local/bin. Those two bugs can therefore be closed. However, the issue
    is not completely solved, as rubygems still installs files in /var/lib/gems.
    Nobody in the bug logs explained why that was an issue. If you care about
    it, please open a new bug. Closes: #448639, #403407

Moving off /var/lib/gems also requires a transition plan, which is not so
obvious.  Just ignoring gems that were previously installed is a possibility,
but not a very good idea IMHO.

- Lucas