Mark Harrah | 12 Sep 22:54 2011

Re: [sbt] Using to drop into the interpreter

On 9/12/11, Vetle Roeim <vetler <at>> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 03:43, Mark Harrah <dmharrah <at>> wrote:
>> On Sat, 10 Sep 2011 11:55:59 +0200
>> Vetle Roeim <vetler <at>> wrote:
> [...]
>>> I've tried to add -usejavacp to scalacOptions, but that makes the
>>> compilation fail, since the options are *prepended*
>>> (
>>> Next, the SBT FAQ ( has an
>>> entry on using the interpreter, but since I'm not manually creating
>>> the interpreter in my code, I'm not sure how this helps me.
>> I expanded the FAQ to include this case.  Like with embeddedDefaults,
>> provide a representative class that will determine the class loader used
>> by the REPL.
>> break[YourType](List(NamedParam("f", f)))
> Thanks!
> The error doesn't appear anymore, however, there seems to be another
> problem ... The debug REPL is started, but I can't get back out of it.
> Actually, whatever I enter in the REPL, it refuses to continue or give
> me any output.
> Given the following code:
> When I run it, the following happens:
>     $ sbt
>     [info] Set current project to default-be309c (in build
> file:/home/vetler/dev/sbt-test/)
>     > run
>     [info] Running App
>     Here
>     Debug repl starting.  Binding 1 value.
>     i: Int = 1
>     debug> i
> Nothing more happens at this point.
> Any ideas?

I tried this outside sbt, just using the scala command and it still
hangs.  So, this is a bug in the REPL as far as I can tell.



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