Ron Teitelbaum | 15 Jan 03:30 2013

In Memory of Andreas Raab


I met Andreas many years ago.  I knew very quickly that Andreas was extremely bright and a very interesting person to know.  The more I found out about him the more we interacted the more I grew to respect him and his talent.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with Andreas.  Andreas was a phenomenon.  The work that he created was beautiful.  His method precise, his solutions well thought out and he was able to create with unmatched dexterity and efficiency.  We became good friends.  I was also lucky enough to be meet Andreas in person for the first time at his wedding.  Andreas was a very happy man.  Kathleen was Andreas’ perfect match.

We will miss Andreas terribly not only for his talent, but for how he touched our lives.  We lost a great friend.  The world feels like a much smaller place today.  Our hearts go out to Kathleen, and to the big group of family and friends that loved him so.

Ron Teitelbaum

From Alan Kay:

Dear All

At lunch today we -- Bert, Aran, Yoshiki and myself -- first got word (via a phone call from Rita to Bert) that Andreas was suddenly in a hospital in serious condition. Then a few minutes later we were told that he had died.

At this point we have no other information except that he left normally for work this morning.

Bert will let us know when we have more news.

We all loved Andreas and nothing can lesson our grief at this sudden tragedy

Best wishes to all