Alejandro Cabrera | 21 Jun 06:21 2011

[GSoC] Request for Feedback on Boost.Bloom Filter Project

Hello all,

I'm writing to request feedback, suggestions, and advice from the Boost 
community. I've been working on a Bloom filter data structure for about 
a month and a half now. At this point, the following is complete and 
available in the Boost Sandbox:
- working, basic prototype (insert & query operations, union & intersect)
- a test suite covering the public interface
- five examples
- documentation covering many aspects of the project (tested on Chrome 
12 and 13, Firefox 4 and 6)

Before I proceed to the next phase, I need feedback. Specifically, I 
need comments on:
- code quality: is there anything that stands out about my design, 
naming convention, or implementation that could use improvement?
- documentation quality: was it informative, clear, and easy to 
understand? Is there anything missing?

At this point, there are many directions the Bloom filter project can 
go, and I need to know which direction would best serve the interests of 
the community. For this, I would be very interested in hearing about:
- desired usage: do you have a project that could use a Bloom filter? 
What kind of Bloom filter would you need?
- compression policy: would you be interested Bloom filters that could 
be serialized to a compressed form and deserialized back into a 
decompressed form?
- variants: there are a few planned variants listed in the design page 
of the documentation (future directions). Do any of these seem 
particularly useful to you?

To access the source, visit the sandbox here:
To access the documentation, visit the sandbox here:

All portions of the project assume the canonical Boost release model. 

-Alejandro Cabrera

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