Riccardo Mottola | 4 Jun 22:12 2012

ANN: GWorkspace 0.9.1

I'm pleased to announce that GWorkspace version 0.9.1 was released on May, 31st. There was a slight delay
with the upload.

Many thanks to all those who helped with testing or contributed with 
patches, especially Eric, Philippe and Sebastian.

What is GWorkspace?

GWorkspace is a workspace manager for GNUstep.

Changes in version 0.9.1

Enhancements / new features

* New Modern vs Classic style which control:
   - classic cs. alpha-blended selection
   - transparent dock vs classic dock style

* new "scale" attribute for the desktop, for uniform scaling
* Browser icons (Eric W.)

Fixes&  Maintenance

* PDF Content Inspector fixed and updated
* NSUInteger updates for new APIs
* crash fix on exit when Grayscale background images were selected
* updates for integer positions and resolutions to avoid blurring of elements
* NSDragOperation updates

This release is highly recommended when compiling and running GWorkspace against the current GNUstep
core release.

Where can you get it? How can you compile it?

You can download sources from 
The official homepage of the project is: 

Riccardo Mottola,

GWorkspace maintainer.