Robert Dodier | 30 Apr 04:53 2013

Re: <at> var just became <at> mvar in the texinfo documentation

On 2013-04-29, Rupert Swarbrick <rswarbrick <at>> wrote:

> That, and I spent most of the weekend playing in an opera :-/


> Since I made a bit of a mess merging in the var -> mvar change, it's
> not completely trivial to revert, but it should only take half an hour
> or so. Would you like me to do it immediately?

Well, I don't think there's any urgency about it. 

> I was planning to try to work out whether we could just convince
> Texinfo to decorate its  <at> var in the way that we want, rather than
> undefining and redefining it.

Well, how about if we write

   <at> definfoenclose var,<,>

since that redefines  <at> var without a warning.

The documentation for  <at> definfoenclose says, about redefining built-in
macros, "We don’t recommend this." I'm inclined to ignore the recommendation.


Robert Dodier

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