Joe Koenig | 15 Mar 18:43 2012

panes.refresh doesn't work


the "panes.refresh" function doesn't seem to work.  This applies to the 
auto-refresh as well as the refresh-button.

It seems to depend on the number of items contained in a pane.  It works 
for up to 49 files/folders in a pane.  When there are 50 or more items in 
a pane, the only way to get a refresh is switching back and forth 
between directories.

It applies to creating, deleting and renaming files/directories, no 
matter whether it's being performed from within emelfm2 or from without.  
Only exception: creating new directories via the "Create new directory" 
button.  With that, a refresh is being induced.

I've tested this with the version provided by my distro (ArchLinux)
    emelFM2 v. 0.8.0
    Build platform: GTK+ 2.24.10 Linux 3.2.6-1-ARCH/i686

and a plain stock source compile:
    emelFM2 v. 0.8.0
    Build platform: GTK+ 3.2.3 Linux 3.2.8-1-ARCH/i686

Nota bene: I had to add "lLIBS += -lm -ldl" to the Makefile, in order for 
it to compile successfully.