Ian J Hartley | 28 Jan 22:43 2008

Re: No packages

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          Jess Hampshire <jesshampshire@...> wrote:

>> I then quit RiscPks (via the cionbar menu) while it was still hanging,
>> and re-ran RiscPkg. Clicking on the iconbar menu, there are now no
>> packages available in the window. Doing an Update results in Failed
>> "syntax error" message.
>> Any suggestions as to what I can do about this, and recover my status.

> rem out the line in sources in choices that is broken, (trial and
> error, but it's probably near or at the top) then try again.

For me it was the netsurf 1 that had changed to
pkg http://www.netsurf-browser.org/downloads/development/riscpkg/packa 
ges reported in next thread


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