Laurent Laville | 8 Oct 23:20 2009

About Net_Growl package and its status

Hi all,

If you're interested by the only PHP classe currently, to implement full 
UDP and GNTP protocol for Growl : the native MAC OS/X notification 
system, that could now run on Windows system too... Net_Growl is the 
solution !

For the first time of history Windows team won some little steps to MAC 
  team (that have not yet fully implemented the new GNTP protocol, but 
will do).

Growl for windows [1] (aka Gfw) make the lead. Current version is 2.0.0RC2

Brian Dunnington, author of Gfw, has just released today the second 
release candidate (closed to the final stable version 2.0.0)
Please give it a try, you won't regret it. Download link is [2]

By the way the sticky tag message on PEAR:Net_Growl page [3] is not 
really correct
"This package is not maintained,",
because I continue to work on its new versions.

Have a look on my current works on my new home page dedicated to 
Net_Growl [4].
Of course, the contents (source online) are a bit outdated. But I 
promise to updates it very soon with a full user documentation (at least 
for the final stable version 2.0.0)

The latest version (2.0.0RC1) released few minutes ago is a full PHP5 
rewrites that support both UDP and GNTP features.
The is also a 0.9.0b2 version for PHP4 users, but latest features 
(encryption messages) were not yet added.

Laurent Laville



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