Laurent Laville | 4 Apr 12:27 2012

PEAR2/Net_Growl proposal

Hi everyone,

On March 15th, I've introduced in this mailing list the first alpha 
version of
PEAR2/Net_Growl. This package is a full rewrite for PHP 5.3 of the PEAR 
Net_Growl 2.x [1].

With current version 0.4.0, I've reached an almost mature API, and I 
decided today
to open my work as a Proposal to the PEAR community.

Even if there is only a PEPR system for PEAR packages, I would like to 
open comment and feedback
about PEAR2/Net_Growl.

Hope you'll find the difference bewteen the two architectures.

Official site is [2] while source code is on my GitHub account (follow 
link [2]).

My Roadmap is as follow :

- Replace Exceptions from global namespace to specific PEAR2\Net\Growl
- add missing phpdoc tags, and make the code PHPCS compliant.
- Complete the user documentation.

Laurent Laville



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