Laurent Laville | 4 Apr 16:52 2012

do a easy migration from PEAR/Net_Growl 2 to PEAR2/Net_Growl 3

Hi everyone,

To reduce the count of options that are not really necessary, and to 
adopt the same principles as PEAR2/Net_Growl [1].

The new version 2.6.0 of PEAR/Net_Growl [2] will :

- do not used anymore the *port* option (automatically set to 23053 for 
GNTP, and 9887 for UDP), depending of the protocol used (see below).

- protocol *tcp* will be move to *gntp* to be more friendly in the way 
to adopt the connectors (adapters) of PEAR2/Net_Growl.

- protocol *udp* will of course keep its name.

- add a *publish* method, aliase of *notify* method, to be sure that 
code is forward compatible with PEAR2/Net_Growl

You can upgrade your version without trouble, because I'll keep the code 
backward compatible with previous version 2.5.2

Consider 2.6.0 an easy step to use the future PEAR2/Net_Growl (if you want).

Laurent Laville



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