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From: Sebastian Marsching <sebastian-+Bu6z0OD8Yf6V6G2DxALlg <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: suPHP End of Life Notice
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.php.suphp.general
Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2013 12:29:10 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Dear suPHP community,

suPHP has been around for more than ten years now.

As some of you have noticed, the development activity has declined with 
time, in particular over the last four years.

I started the suPHP project when I was sharing a server with some 
friends and thus we wanted each user to have her individual space. As 
over time servers became cheaper and cheaper, each person started to use 
a server of her own. For about the last six years, I have only been 
using suPHP because my server had been setup this way and there was no 
immediate reason to change.

Thus, I have not been personally interested in further developing suPHP 
for quite some time. In addition to that I hardly found time to take 
care of suPHP in the last few years. I am still very interested and 
active in the idea of open-source software, however as my interests 
shifted, the projects I have been working on lately shifted as well.

If you want to get an idea about which kind of projects I am talking 
about, you might want to have a look at my personal projects at 
and my company's open-source projects at 

In conclusion this has left suPHP in a state where it would be 
irresponsible to suggest to users that it is being actively maintained. 
For example the latest security update has been lying around for years 
before actually being released.

Therefore, I officially announce that suPHP has reached its end of life 
and will not be maintained by me in the future.

So does this mean that suPHP is dead? This entirely depends on you, the 

At some points in time during the last years, I have seen quite some 
activity on the mailing-list, including people discussing bugs and new 
features and writing patches for them.

As suPHP is open-source software, everyone is free to keep building on 
top of it. Actually I hope that someone might be interested in 
maintaining suPHP in the future.

While I will not take an active role in this process, be assured that I 
will support it (e.g. by keeping this mailing-list available as long as 
needed or making the existing code-base available under a different OSS 
license, if this helps).

I want to thank all people who helped me with the suPHP project, be it 
by reporting bugs, sharing their ideas, writing patches or answering 
questions on the mailing-list. Thanks to all of you!

- Sebastian
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