Josiah Carlson | 6 Apr 09:38 2007

ANN: PyPE 2.8.5

=== What is PyPE? ===
PyPE (Python Programmers' Editor) was written in order to offer a
lightweight but powerful editor for those who think emacs is too much
and idle is too little. Syntax highlighting is included out of the box,
as is multiple open documents via tabs.

Beyond the basic functionality, PyPE offers an expandable source tree,
filesystem browser, draggable document list, todo list, filterable
function list, find and replace bars (no dialog to find or replace simple
strings), recordable and programmable macros, spell checker,
reconfigurable menu hotkeys, triggers, find in files, external process
shells, and much more.

=== More Information ===

If you would like more information about PyPE, including screenshots,
where to download the source or windows binaries, bug tracker, contact
information, or a somewhat complete listing of PyPE's features, visit
PyPE's home on the web:

If you have any questions about PyPE, please contact me, Josiah Carlson,
aka the author of PyPE, at jcarlson at (remember to include
"PyPE" in the subject).

PyPE 2.8.5 includes the following changes and bugfixes since release

(fixed) issue where double-clicking on a result while search was still going
wouldn't actually go to the line of the result.
(fixed) macros that use the line-based abstraction will now cause the parse
timers to restart (just like hitting a keyboard key).
(added) 'GotoLineS' utility method on stc instances for easy navigation to and
selection of an entire line.
(added) and disabled tagging tool.
(fixed) commented/uncommented line discovery for latex documents.
(fixed) vim option discovery when opening up latex documents.
(added) the ability to disable individual tools if desired (disabling a tool
prevents it from being updated, and may reduce tool refresh times).
(fixed) calltips.
(fixed) removed debug printouts for autocomplete.
(fixed) View -> Go To Line Number, now goes to the proper line (not the one
after), and now will always show the content of the line.
(changed) stopped using combined file/text drop targets, drags could cause
extra copies of text to be pasted at the end of the document.
(added) ability to have a read-only view of a document in the wide or tall
tools.  See View -> Split Wide and Split Tall.  Note that you can have two
different documents displayed in either split.  See View -> Unsplit for hiding
removing the view to the documents (the split views persist even if you close
the open documents, but will not update if you close and re-open the closed
(changed) moved search code (for the Search tab) use a separate thread in
order to increase interactivity, and to prevent lockups due to bad regular
(fixed) checkbox updating for showing or hiding wide or tall tools when using
the keyboard to toggle them on some platforms.
(known issue) sometimes when attempting to use keyboard shortcuts, PyPE will
not recognize the keyboard shortcuts.  Click on an open document to allow the
keyboard shortcuts to work again.
(fixed) the 'Ignore .subdirs' option in the 'Search' tab; if you add a path of
foo/, and there was a foo/bar/.subdir, PyPE will now ignore foo/bar/.subdir .
PyPE mistakenly only previously ignored foo/.subdir .
(fixed) Option Document -> Save Position will now properly go to the right
position when there are document folds present.
(changed) the way tree controls update their content during refresh.  Should
prevent unnecessary horizontal scrolling as was the case in PyPE 2.8, and be
noticably faster.
(fixed) classes or functions with the same names will no longer all be
expanded in the browsable source trees when one is expanded.
(fixed) icon update issues in the browsable source trees when classes,
functions, or methods lose child nodes.
(fixed) filter tool to not list #-- stuff -- style labels as having negative
lengths, instead will have lengths of zero, and won't affect line counts
(changed) the included stc-styles.rc.cfg to make // comments the standard font
(changed) adjusted the layout of the Find/Replace bar to use less horizontal
space (really only noticable in the Replace bar).
(fixed) pasting in a shell when non-editable data is selected will no longer
change the non-editable data or result in an error dialog.



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