Robert Bradshaw | 20 Sep 07:49 2011

[Cython] Ahoy, Cython 0.15.1 ho!

Aye, we be happy t' announce t' release o' Cython 0.15.1. Step to,
thar be no better time t' set sails fer or t' download the loot.

We be bugfixing-only this release. Arrr, behold the list o' scallywags
sent to Davy Jones' Locker:
. Ye motherload at

We be much beholden to ye hearties fer manning ye oars: Stefan Behnel,
Robert Bradshaw, Armon Dadgar, Mark Florisson, Gordin, Angus
McMorland, Vitja Makarov, Ralf Schmitt, and Yury V. Zaytsev. We also
be most grateful to ye landlubbers reports o' sad tails o' bugs.

Fair winds!

- Robert