Vitja Makarov | 1 Apr 08:57 2012

Re: Cython 0.16 Release Candidate

2012/4/1 Olivier Grisel <olivier.grisel <at>>:
> Le 31 mars 2012 22:59, mark florisson <markflorisson88 <at>> a écrit :
>> We are happy to announce the first release candidate for Cython 0.16,
>> you can grab it from here:
>> Since the beta last month several issues have been fixed, including
>> the NumPy array attribute access deprecation, which are now rewritten
>> to use the NumPy macros. Another serious bug in the reversed(range())
>> optimization was disabled, a C compiler bug on OS X Lion in OpenMP
>> code was circumvented, the documentation for fused types has been
>> improved, some bugs related to fused C++ and buffers types have been
>> fixed, and nogil was added to the included STL declarations.
>> I encourage everyone to give it a try, see if your project still
>> compiles and works, and if it doesn't to take up those torches and
>> pitchforks from your desks, you know where to find us.
> Here is a pitchfork:
> This is a crash report when trying to cython-ify scikit-learn master
> with both master and the 0.16rc0 tag of the cython repo.

This may be related to this issue:

It's better to cherry-pick this commit.