Stefan Behnel | 27 Apr 11:57 2012

Python/Cython High Performance Computing course in June, Leipzig/Germany


Mike Müller and I will be giving a joined course on Python and Cython High
Performance Computing this June. Course language is English.

It's 5 days in total, preceded by another 5 days of general to advanced
Python programming courses to get you up to speed. Each course day can be
booked separately to accommodate for your specific interests and prior

when: June 11-15th 2012, with additional Python courses on June 5-10th
where: Python Academy trainings center in Leipzig/Germany

- 1 day on Optimising Python Programs
- 1 day on Extending CPython in other Languages
- 1 day dedicated to Cython Programming and Optimisation
- 1 day on Numerical Calculations with NumPy
- 1 day on Fast NumPy Processing in Cython

I'll be giving the Cython course and a major part of the NumPy+Cython day.
So, if you are interested in learning Cython face to face with a long time
core developer, you should take this course.

More information here:

Here's the whole lot of Python courses for the entire 8 days Python Power
Course, including pricing information for the course modules:

Hope to see you there!