Ian Bell | 27 Apr 15:03 2012

Re: Building distutils setup.py to find PXD files for Pure Python file

In any case, the new and preferred way is described here:


And, yes, it would be good to visibly present this in the documentation.
The build documentation is mostly ok but lacks this feature:


The build docs are in good shape - lots of useful information, but from browsing the mailing lists, seems like quite a few people are having varied issues with PXD files and distutils.   Would be great to have a (nominally) working example in the documentation online and/or a downloadable version.  Also, an example of getting Cython distutils parameters would be great.

Just for fun, tried a new setup.py file, like the link you recommended using cythonize. Works a charm.  Weird.  I think I am in business for now.  Thanks for your help and patience.

So it seems that cythonize does something slightly different than the Cython build_ext command.  I suppose this shouldn't be the expected behavior?


##### setup2.py  #######
from distutils.core import setup
from Cython.Build import cythonize

  name = 'MyProject',
  ext_modules = cythonize(["integrate_py.py"]),