Xiaofan Chen | 18 Mar 02:50 2011

Re: ValueError: No backend available

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 8:46 AM, Chris <chris@...> wrote:
> I now have a separate issue sending data to a HID device because as the
> OSX kernel is using the native HID driver. Also usb.core.find() only
> sometimes finds the device.
> Bit of a disaster really.

If you have an HID device and you want to get it to wok on Mac OS X,
then you are basically out of luck to use libusb and pyusb. The libusb
maintainer removed the HID support from Windows backend and
invalidated my request to add an Mac OS X HID backend.
http://libusb.org/ticket/33 (set as invalid)
http://libusb.org/ticket/89 (set as "won't fix").

You should look at HIDAPI, but the Python binding has not been done.



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