Markus Gritsch | 18 Apr 15:59 2007

Thoughts on "Support for MySQL storage ENGINEs"

Hi Oleg,

SQLObject 0.9.0b1 got under "Small Features"
* Support for MySQL storage ENGINEs.

I wonder if the special treatment for MySQL in and in order to implement this feature is worth it.  The same
result can already be obtained by using something like this:

class Version( SQLObject ):
    class sqlmeta:
        createSQL = { 'mysql' : 'ALTER TABLE version ENGINE InnoDB' }
    number = IntCol( notNone = True )

So I would suggest not to add this feature in the final release.  I
see no real benefit and like the Zen of Python says "Special cases
aren't special enough to break the rules." ;)

And implementing some special case for the engine would not be enough
anyway.  For example I am using a non-default collation system.
Therefore I have to write something like the following:

class Act( SQLObject ):
    class sqlmeta:
        createSQL = { 'mysql' : 'ALTER TABLE act CHARACTER SET utf8
COLLATE utf8_estonian_ci' }

Kind regards,

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