Graham Dumpleton | 19 Aug 00:51 2011
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Thanks to additional help of masklinn and SvenBerkvensMatthijsse, the
spam has all been cleaned up now.

The number of pages isn't that great so manual conversion is probably
practical and no need to look at actual tools to convert to ReST.

Since I reckon this just has to be done, not waiting to see who owns
up to controlling the site and have created github repository at:

I'll start converting over some pages when get a chance over the
weekend when at PyCon AU.

If there is anyone who is a Sphinx/Read The Docs expert and wants to
set up some better styling for the site then go for it.

We can run with this for a bit and see how it goes. If can't find
anyone who controls domain or they don't want to change
how it is managed, then I guess the repo I have created will just get
thrown away, but at least worth a try. The site really needs some


On 19 August 2011 07:23, Masklinn <masklinn@...> wrote:
> On 2011-08-18, at 23:14 , Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>> Who owns and manages wiki?
>> The amount of spam the wiki gets now is becoming rediculous.
>> If we care about the wiki, it is time to take the content in it and
>> dump it in github as a project which can then be loaded up to Read The
>> Docs, with directing to that.
> Would require converting from moinmoin to rst would it not?
>> In the mean time, can anyone else help clean up the spam. I am usually
>> the only one who does it, but this time there is too much and becomes
>> a waste of my time. I only have so many phone meetings where I can
>> secretly be cleaning up the spam at the same time. So, many hands make
>> light work. :-)
> While not involved in Web-SIG or any of that, I'd be glad to help on
> cleaning up the spam on
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