Claude Gouedard | 3 Feb 17:57 2009

[python(x,y)] Re: When will there be a 64-bit version of Python(x,y) ?

Hi, Jonathan
Did you try linux.pythonxy ? ( ).
It's 64 bit ready ...


2009/2/2 Jonathan Hannay <>
Yes that is a good point.

I already do have the 64-bit linux setup but it was such a pain to install everything compared to python xy on windows.

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 7:22 AM, David <> wrote:

Is there really any need for a 64 bit version?  I run the 32 bit
version fine on my 64 bit XP machine.  If your requirements are so
memory/CPU intensive that you need the 64 bit version then you are
probably better off setting up a 64-bit linux box, compiling scipy etc
yourself with free, highly optimised BLAS libraries such as ACML, etc.

On Jan 23, 7:40 am, Jon <> wrote:
> What are the chances of having an x64 version of Python(x,y) anytime
> soon ?

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