Threader Slash | 3 Nov 10:04 2009

Eclipse IDE: Qt Designer integration

Hi Brendan... Just a quick comment on your article about Eclipse IDE and Qt Designer integration [ ] - in one word: awesome!

If there some bit or fix I can help in some other troubleshooting, just let me know. Cheers... ThreaderSlash

On Aug 18, 7:19 am, Brendan <> wrote:
> This seems a good a place as any to post this - it took me a while to
> figure out so I though you might find it useful,
> To generate the Python code stubs from the QT Designer .ui files one
> uses the script. To run this from withinEclipse, do the
> following,
> 1. Click Run -> External Tools -> External Tools Configurations ...
> 2. In the resulting dialog, click 'New' icon in the top left
> 3. Under 'Name' put 'PyUIC'
> 4. Under 'Location' enter 'C:\Program Files\Python\2.5\Python.exe' or
> the path to your Python executable (probably C:\Python25\Python.exe)
> 5. Under 'Arguments' enter '"C:\Program Files\Python\2.5\Lib\site-
> packages\PyQt4\uic\"  "${resource_loc}"' substituting the path
> to your PyQt4 installation - be sure also to include the double quotes
> 6. Change to the 'Common' tab and check 'File' under 'Standard Input/
> Output' and enter '${resource_loc}.py'
> 7. Change to the 'Build' tab and uncheck 'Build before launch'
> 8. Change to the 'Refresh' tab and check 'Refresh resources upon
> completion'
> 9. Click 'Apply' then 'Run'
> To use,
> 1. Select a .ui file in the 'PyDev Package Explorer' to the left of
> the Eclipse window
> 2. Click 'Run PyUIC' in the toolbar
> 3. A new file with suffix should have appeared with all the
> auto generated code
> Brendan

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