Stublefield, Matthew E | 21 Nov 18:36 2013

RE: Outlook 2013 crashing frequently after installing KB2837618

I just got off the phone with Microsoft.


Below is part of the conclusion I sent to my boss yesterday:


Uninstalling KB2837618 and KB2837643 followed by recreating the Outlook profile appears to fix the problem with Automatic Replies, Free/Busy messages, and Shared Calendaring.


Both updates have to be uninstalled. We’ve used multiple computers to leave one and uninstall the other, but both have to go. Also of note, KB2837643 is the roll-up that installs KB2837618.


Both updates will likely appear twice in the list of Installed Updates. If KB2837643, the roll-up, is still installed, it may silently re-install KB2837618 because the approval for KB2837618 is actually granted by the approval to KB2837643. This despite being able to explicitly unapproved KB2837618 in WSUS. It’s KB2837643 that appears to matter.


Uninstalling KB2837618 over the last several days resulted in Automatic Replies, Free/Busy messages, and Shared Calendaring working intermittently. So far, uninstalling KB2837643 in addition to KB2837618 has resulted in a permanent solution, at least for the last several hours. If it is still working tomorrow, I’ll feel more confident.


She asked what I’d like them to do and I asked for one of two things:


1)      For KB2837618 and KB2837643 to be patched so they don’t cause a problem between Outlook 2013 and Exchange 2007

2)      For Exchange 2007 to be patched so the security updates to Outlook 2013 can be applied


I also expressed concern that we had to roll back security patches to a known vulnerability in order to work in our Exchange environment. I sent her my notes and screenshots to assist them with this. She’s going to talk to the debugging team, then get back with us.


Of note is that we’re in an Exchange 2007 environment. For others who are experiencing this problem: what version of Exchange are you running?





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From: Julian Harper [mailto:Julian.Harper <at>]
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I’ve had an update from the Microsoft Support representative, extract from his email is below.


“However I had a word on your case with escalation team of Outlook. The Microsoft is yet to revise those Security Updates. There are more and more cases still open like your case with us to yet get a resolution.

Only few cases who got resolved is by trying to recreate outlook profile after removing those updates. But in your case this step also has been carried out.”


There’s little point in carrying on my support call until Microsoft actually respond with an official statement, or an update to the KB documents stating this is an known issue and is being investigated. After that the updates need to be rereleased with a fix.


Julian Harper
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From: Julian Harper [mailto:Julian.Harper <at>]
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Subject: Re: [patchmanagement] Outlook 2013 crashing frequently after installing KB2837618


Resetting everyone's Outlook profile is not a solution for me, but I don't think my issue is patch related, it's too inconsistent to say it is right now.


Auto discover seems to be working, although there's a DNS naming issue in the cert, but OoF and free/busy time calcs are still not working. I've got it to occasionally work but it's patchy and not consistent (it works then doesn't work on patched and unpatched pcs.)


Then there's the problem of uninstalling, because the way the patches work its near impossible to tell if you've removed all of them or not. I removed all of the updates relating to the KBs I installed over the weekend but then WSUS only reports on the PC needing 3-4 updates, not the 11 that were installed.


Patching for Office 2013 is a mess!

Julian Harper

IT Manager

Jeroboams Group Ltd

On 20 Nov 2013, at 22:45, "Bryan Reynolds" <breynolds <at>> wrote:

Agreed we had the same issue with several 2013 clients yesterday. Deleted the local profile, launched outlook, setup profile and they have been solid since.

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It’s not the Exchange server, it’s the user profile on the Outlook client.


Hank Arnold





From: Paul Rousseau [mailto:Paul.Rousseau <at>]
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I’m relatively new to exchange how does one rebuild a profile?


From: Travis Grotbo [mailto:TravisG <at>]
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I have rebuilt the mail profiles on quite a few pc’s that were crashing after 30 seconds or so in Outlook 2013. Rebuilding the profile fixed the issue.



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Subject: [patchmanagement] Outlook 2013 crashing frequently after installing KB2837618


Anyone else seeing outlook 2013 acting up following this months updates?

We believe it is down to KB2837618.

Removing it works on some machines, but others require a rebuild of the email profile before the problem goes away.



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