Cleiton Peres Reis | 1 Dec 21:04 2005

providers (multilink)


I would like to clarify a doubt on the configuration of the archive "providers" :

I have two DSL links both are dedicated :

Link1:   (ppp0)

Link2:   (ppp1)

(Yes both gateway are equal)

I don't do balance betwen the links.

My "/etc/shorewall/provider"  is like this :

LinkNAV        1       1       main    ppp0 track   -
LinkVPN        2       2       main    ppp1 track   -

When I try to start shorewall the folowing appears in the log and don't start :

Processing /etc/shorewall/providers...
RTNETLINK answers: File exists

If I change the config like this :

LinkNAV        1       1       -    ppp0 track   -
LinkVPN        2       2       -    ppp1 track   -

The shorewall start but some obscure things happen, certainly because routing

There's a hint to use the configurantion of multilink in shorewall (providers),
having 2  equal gateways ?

I already looked for in the FAQ's and the documentation :

without sucess....

Thanks a lot.

Cleiton Peres Reis

Servidores Linux.

DoctorNet Redes e Conectividade Ltda

Rua General Osorio, 1092
Centro - CEP 96020-000 - Pelotas/RS

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