Tom Eastep | 12 Feb 03:44 2006

Re: Local Network Can't Get Past Shorewall to the Internet

On Saturday 11 February 2006 17:45, Lee Zelyck wrote:
> Hello Mr. Eastep!
> Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the
> squid configuration page.  I had somehow surfed past
> that one.
> Anyway, I followed the steps at the bottom of the
> page, and made the appropriate changes to my
> /etc/shorewall/rules.  The result is that 'rules' no
> looks like:
> firewall:/etc/shorewall# more rules.short
> ACCEPT  loc             $FW             tcp     8080
> ACCEPT  $FW             net             tcp     80,443

Didn't you wonder what that SECTION thingy was? HINT: PUT YOUR RULES AFTER IT.

Also, if you haven't configured your firewall using one of the Guides at then please do so 
before posting again.


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