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syslog-ng Insider - May 2012

Dear syslog-ng users,

This is the 13th issue of the syslog-ng Insider, a monthly newsletter 
that brings you syslog-ng related news.

Your feedback and news tips about the next issue is welcome at 
documentation <at> <mailto:documentation <at>>


Have you tried to add custom information to log messages, fix 
mis-formatted logs or anonymize logs?

The next long-time-supported release of SSB version 3 LTS is about to be 
released. This release includes a switch to 64-bit architecture, a huge 
performance improvement in the indexing/searching feature for a large 
number of message and search patterns and a couple of new features, too. 
The following post plans to introduce those new features to you. The 
updated User’s Manual will contain a detailed description of them — this 
post is written more to serve as teaser and to highlight some of the use 
cases we had in mind when we’d planned the features, and, of course, to 
ask for your feedback about them.

Admin guide:

syslog-ng participates in GSoC


This year syslog-ng participates in GSoC under the umbrella of openSUSE. 
We have one student accepted, who will work on syslog-ng’s mongodb 

The story of BalaBit's GSoC participation:

What the student will do:

MongoDB howto


One of the major reasons to update to 3.3 other than threading is 
MongoDB. It allows great flexibility when using patterns and storing 
parsed data from logs. The syslog-ng documentation covers most 
information necessary to use MongoDB, but this HowTo compiles all these 
into a single document and extends it with features from the upcoming 
syslog-ng 3.4 version.



    There is now an open source LogStore reader work in progress:


    syslog-ng 3.4 alpha packages are now available in the FreeBSD ports
    and also for openSUSE:


    syslog-ng and ELSA were presented at LOADays:



    syslog-ng OSE 3.3.5:


    syslog-ng OSE 3.4 alpha2:


    libumberlog 0.2.1:



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