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[Puppet - Bug #12905] Puppet does not follow dependancy chain in manifest

Issue #12905 has been updated by Phil Spencer.
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dot files and init.pp, since my copy and paste didn’t seem to work

Bug #12905: Puppet does not follow dependancy chain in manifest

  • Author: Phil Spencer
  • Status: Unreviewed
  • Priority: Normal
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Running puppet 2.6.8 I have a simple manifest:

class puppetmaster { notice (“Running ${module_name}”) include puppetmaster::files include puppetmaster::packages include puppetmaster::services Class[‘puppetmaster::packages’]–>Class[‘puppetmaster::files’]–>Class[‘puppetmaster::services’] }

class puppetmaster::packages { notice (“Running ${module_name}”)

# install puppetmaster packages # install gems exec {“install-hiera”:

command => "/usr/bin/gem install hiera hiera-puppet",



class puppetmaster::files { notice (“Running ${module_name}”)

# yaml config data file {“/etc/puppet/hiera.yaml”:

source => 'puppet:///modules/puppetmaster/hiera.yaml', owner => 'root', group => 'root', mode => '0644',


# definition files for YAML

case $domain {

/^dev|stg\.vibrant\.corp$/: { $file=""} default: { $file=""}

} notice (“file ${$file}”)

file {“/etc/puppet/hieradata/common.yaml” :

source => "puppet:///modules/puppetmaster/hieradata/${file}", owner => 'root', group => 'root', mode => '0644',

} # ensure hieradata directory exists file { “/etc/puppet/hieradata/”:

ensure => "directory",



class puppetmaster::services { notice (“Running ${module_name}”)

file {"/tmp/file.txt" : content => hiera('test'),

} }

when running a puppet apply, it doesn’t run according to the dependancy chain list in the manifest (package –> files –> services) Output is:

root <at> puppet-test-agent:/etc/puppet/modules/puppetmaster# puppet apply test/init.pp —verbose —graph info: Loading facts in fedb notice: Scope(Class[Puppetmaster]): Running puppetmaster notice: Scope(Class[Puppetmaster::Files]): Running puppetmaster notice: Scope(Class[Puppetmaster::Files]): file notice: Scope(Class[Puppetmaster::Packages]): Running puppetmaster notice: Scope(Class[Puppetmaster::Services]): Running puppetmaster info: Applying configuration version ‘1330612896’ notice: /Stage[main]/Puppetmaster::Packages/Exec[install-hiera]/returns: executed successfully info: FileBucket adding {md5}007b0a49f86874e6396fbe52492d768d info: /Stage[main]/Puppetmaster::Services/File[/tmp/file.txt]: Filebucketed /tmp/file.txt to puppet with sum 007b0a49f86874e6396fbe52492d768d notice: /Stage[main]/Puppetmaster::Services/File[/tmp/file.txt]/content: content changed ‘{md5}007b0a49f86874e6396fbe52492d768d’ to ‘{md5}5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3’ notice: Finished catalog run in 11.78 seconds

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