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[Puppet - Bug #13973] No such file or directory error with ssh_authorized_keys

Issue #13973 has been updated by Nitesh Goel.

    Stefan Schulte wrote:

    Puppet will write the authorized_keys file as the user you specify with the user property (because of The user most likely has far less priviledges than the original user who is running the puppet command (most likely root).

    If puppet needs to make a change in the authorized key file, indicated by […]

    puppet will first dump the new content to a temporary file and later move it to the correct place. Puppet uses a ruby library to create that file (tempfile). The tempfile will normally be created in /tmp but as it turns out, the current working directory is used instead. If the current working directory (e.g. /root) is not writeable by user nitesh you’ll get the error above.

    In order to find out, why tempfile does not create the file in /tmp can you please do the following: […]

    Thanks Stefan, that was it.

    I was mounting my tmp folder to another volume and that folder was not writable. I did not know that puppet writes to /tmp. Should we display a warning if tmp cannot be written to? The error message, in its current form, is not easy to debug.

    Bug #13973: No such file or directory error with ssh_authorized_keys

    • Author: Nitesh Goel
    • Status: Needs More Information
    • Priority: Normal
    • Assignee: Nitesh Goel
    • Category: ssh
    • Target version: 2.7.x
    • Affected Puppet version: 2.7.13
    • Keywords:
    • Branch:

    When I try to set authorized keys through the ssh_authorized_key resource type, I get the following error:

    Could not evaluate: Puppet::Util::FileType::FileTypeFlat could not write /home/nitesh/.ssh/authorized_keys: No such file or directory - /opt/puppet/lib/puppet20120417-2519-62ftr9.lock

    $vardir config is set to /opt/puppet/lib. I am saving my puppet manifests in a git repo and running them locally without a puppet server.

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