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From: Giulliano Paes Carnielli <gcarnielli <at> daitangroup.com>
Subject: RES: [Contribution] Support for dynamic PCAP play (play the same PCAP multiple times)
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.telephony.sipp.user
Date: Wednesday 30th November 2011 17:58:20 UTC (over 6 years ago)
Hi Guys,

I've sent this post before, submitting some changes I made to fit some
requirements of my project, but I didn't get any feedback. I'm not sure if
I proceeded correctly. As I've mentioned, this is the first time I submit
code for an opensource project. So please, I'd appreciate any comments.

Once more, I've attached the diff file with my changes. I'm insisting on
this topic because it would be nice having an official build of the SIPp,
containing this fix, so I can drop using a hacked one in my company's

If I'm placing my code in the wrong list, please let me know.



De: Giulliano Paes Carnielli 
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011 12:45
Para: '[email protected]'
Assunto: [Contribution] Support for dynamic PCAP play (play the same PCAP
multiple times)


The SIPP tool is being used in my project for long (despite, I'm personally
new to the tool). But in a recent development I've faced a limitation of
the tool that seems to be recurring. Actually, I've searched forums and
mailing lists, trying to find a solution. But I've noticed that other
people also have the same problem.

Currently, you can use the SIPP to play a PCAP file to simulate a DTMF
signal, sent over RTP. However, I've hit a scenario where I need to play
multiple times the same PCAP file. That operation is not correctly
supported because the PCAP file is simple sent as it is and, therefore,
errors are raised because all RTP packets end up with the same Sequence
Number / Timestamp.

I've coded a fix for this problem that fitted quite well for the needs of
my project and, as I found other people with the same problem, I've decided
to submit my changes to your review.

1. I didn't changed any existing functionality of the tool. Thus, this
change is totally backward compatible
2. I've included a new exec action called "play_dyn_pcap_audio", which will
do the trick
3. The new action will dynamically change the Sequence Number and Timestamp
of the RTP packets sent
4. Possibly, the same trick would be applied to the "play_pcap_video" (it
wasn't my objective, so I didn't that yet)

Please, let me know your comments. This is the first time I contribute for
an opensource tool, so it is possible that I've used wrong code standard or
naming conventions. Additionally, despite I'm a user of the SIPP tool, I
have only a superficial knowledge about SIP/RTP protocols. Therefore, it
would be great any feedback from you.


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