Karl Berry | 10 Jul 00:32 2012

dvipdfmx status?

Hi ChoF, Matthias -

Now that TL'12 is released, we're back in the development business, and
one of the pending items is to (finally) merge xdvipdfmx and dvipdfmx
(the way it should have been done in the first place).  Khaled H and
Peter B will likely do most of the work.

ChoF, if you could confirm that you've stopped working on dvipdfmx, that
would be reassuring.  The worst scenario here would be if we do this
side work and then you make a new release with lots of other changes and
we have a complicated merge to do (in both directions).

Bottom line: barring news from you, we'll maintain (x)dvipdfmx in the TL
repository going forward.