Jens Lehmann | 18 Jan 21:50 2010

Re: Unmodified submodules shows up as dirty with

Am 18.01.2010 18:22, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> I am suspecting that your "these files ... are named differently on
> different systems" may fall into the same category.  Your build may not
> produce "frotz.linux" when compiled on a FreeBSD box (and "frotz.fbsd" on
> a Linux box), but would it hurt more than it helps to list them in the
> same .gitignore to cover both?

If you keep source directories separate from directories for compiler
output you can easily simplify your .gitignore by negating it. So
instead of putting a line into the .gitignore for every file type you
do /not/ want, exclude everything in the build directory and add
exceptions for the files you /do/ want to track.

Then a .gitignore could look like this for building with VC6, VC8 and
Makefile based build systems: