Matt Graham | 6 Feb 17:23 2012

Re: Git performance results on a large repository

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 18:05, Joshua Redstone < <at>> wrote:
> [ wanted to reply to my initial msg, but wasn't subscribed to the list at time of mailing, so replying to most
recent post instead ]
> Matt Graham:  I don't have file stats at the moment.  It's mostly code files, with a few larger data files
here and there.    We also don't do sparse checkouts, primarily because most people use git (whether on
top of SVN or not), which doesn't support it.

This doesn't help your original goal, but while you're still working
with git-svn, you can do sparse checkouts. Use --ignore-paths when you
do the original clone and it will filter out directories that are not
of interest.

We used this at Etsy to keep git svn checkouts manageable when we
still had a gigantic svn repo.  You've repeatedly said you don't want
to reorganize your repos but you may find this writeup informative
about how Etsy migrated to git (which included a health amount of repo