yoni shalom | 15 Apr 23:00 2012

[Trac-dev] SubversionException "SQLite is required to be compiled and run in thread-safe mode"

after a long while trying to debug this, it seems like php5 is making 
new subversion installs not able to talk to trac repository browser. 

see : http://www.snowbotic.com/archives/61 regarding dav_svn, which 
seems to have a similar problem. 

The problem looks like it relates to php5 and libsvn where php5's 
bundled sqlite library has a version that doesn't work with newer 
subversion repo's, and it gets loaded before the one python tries to 
load dynamically via its swig interface. 

I'm not sure this is actually the case, just that as a fact when I 
disable the php5 module in my apache, the problem goes away. 

Ideas ?

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