Martin Nordholts | 7 Jul 20:25 2009

Re: Spawn a new project?

On 07/07/2009 03:45 PM, Henrik Akesson wrote:
> Hi,
> the work I've done so far can be split into two parts:
> 1) gegl scripting - for the moment a ruby script that allows me to run
> tests of gegl and some test cases.
> 2) visualisation tool - a java web project that is made for displaying
> performance data.
> 1) should obviously be commited to the gegl project.
> 2) however, I believe should be a new open source project.

How does the dependencies look here? I suppose GEGL would have a soft 
(optional) dependency on the visualization tool?

And as for the VCS preference, git is my clear preference, it's a shame 
Google Code doesn't offer that.

  / Martin