Yifan Hu | 1 Mar 02:05 2011

Re: [graphviz-interest] overlapping boxes around nodes

On 2/28/11 5:42 PM, Emden R. Gansner wrote:
> On 2/28/11 5:08 PM, Matthew Galati wrote:
>> I want to draw something like the following:
>> http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_46_0/libs/graph/doc/biconnected_components.html 
>> The part I am not sure how to do, is forcing clusters to have 
>> overlapping nodes.
>> I tried this, but it did not work - each node seems to want to be in 
>> one "box".
> In Graphviz, clusters, by definition, are non-overlapping unless one 
> cluster is a proper subcluster of another.
> In general, drawing such Euler diagrams is an active area of research 
> (e.g., see "Visualizing Graphs and Clusters as
> Maps", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 30(6), pp. 54-66) and 
> is not currently handled by Graphviz.
We are hoping to make this part of graphviz. We have not decided on a 
name yet but probably gvMap. In gvMap there is an option to do Euler 
diagram like drawing.


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