Christoph Pfister | 2 Dec 18:34 2013

Kaffeine's future

Hi guys,

I know I should have done this step earlier. After taking over this
project from Christophe Thommeret long ago and doing a lot of
interesting stuff, I've been busy with real life in the past months
(years) and the situation will not change in the future. As I'm unable
to maintain Kaffeine in an appropriate manner, I've decided to abandon
the project.

Therefore I'm asking whether someone is interested in taking over
maintainership; I've listed the current state of the project at the
end of this mail. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to deal with
patches earlier [ sorry guys! ], so I don't have a logical candidate
or so. But if somebody is willing to take over [ you should know a bit
about Qt and KDE and preferably have some Dvb / Atsc equipment at hand
], I will try to support the handover.



- Last released version (QT4 / KDE 4): Kaffeine 1.2.2 on 2011-04-04.

This should still be stable enough for many purposes.

- Bug tracker:

- Git repository: KDE extragear;

There is a transition from xine to vlc going on; needs some love.

- Mailing lists / releases: hosted at sourceforge.

- Home page: which is down at the moment (but
can be reactivated if someone takes care of it); archived version:

- Varia:

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