Derick Rethans | 5 Jan 13:08 2009

eZ Components 2008.2 released


The development team is happy to announce the release of the seventh 
major version of eZ Components: version 2008.2.

New Components

The main new development of this release is focused on the MvcTools (and 
accompanying) components.


The MvcTools component implements the tools for an framework. Instead of 
dedicating the structure of the application, it provides a dispatcher, 
two request parsers (one for HTTP, and one for e-mail message through 
the Mail component), two routing methods, two views handlers (one 
through plain PHP scripts, and one through the Template component) and a 
response writer for HTTP. The tools that are currently implemented, will 
in later releases be used by a Framework component.

There are currently two example applications available in the eZ 
Components SVN repository. A simple HelloMvc application, as well as a 
more advance application called TheWire that implements a twitter like 
internal-messaging system. The HelloMvc application is also described in 
the MvcTools tutorial.

Other Improvements

Main improvements in this release include support for more formats in 
the Document component and support for Webdav locking and 


The Document component enables you to convert documents between 
different formats. Previously, it would convert ReST to XHTML and 
DocBook. DocBook is intermediate format for most of the conversions. In 
this release more formats are implemented, such as three different wiki 
formats (Confluence, Creole and DokuWiki), the eZ Publish XML formats, 
as well as reading XHTML (before it could only output to XHTML) and 
writing ReST (before it could only parse ReST). The wiki parser can 
easily be extended for other wiki formats.


The Webdav component now supports authentication and authorization as 
well as support for integration of authentication mechanisms into your 
already existing systems. In addition, it supports shared and exclusive 
write locks, even with your custom storage back-ends.


For this release, the development team addressed 55 bugs, implemented 43 
new features and completed 14 tasks - 112 issues in total.

For the full ChangeLog, please refer to the full release announcement 
that you can find online here:

with kind regards,

Derick Rethans
eZ components Product Manager
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