Jamie Cameron | 4 Aug 01:30 2007

Re: [webmin-devel] Debugging and Shorewall module

On 3/Aug/2007 16:26 Paul Gear wrote ..
> Jamie Cameron wrote:
> > On 1/Aug/2007 00:35 Paul Gear wrote ..
> >> Jamie Cameron wrote:
> >> ...
> >> I wasn't sure about a lot of the webmin idioms for things, so i tried
> to
> >> preserve the coding style (except for the zero-indent technique!) as
> >> much as i could.  Hope it works for everyone.  I'd appreciate any feedback.
> > 
> > Ok, the patch looks good. I have applied it to my source tree, and will
> > include it in the Webmin 1.350 release, which I plan to build today.
> There is at least one user-visible problem in what i've done, which is
> no icons for the params & shorewall.conf configs.  I'm not much at
> art...  ;-)

No worries, I'll make some up ..

 - Jamie

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