Dieter Maurer | 3 Jul 23:31 2005

Re: must stop sibling 'plone sites's from traverse/acquiring each other's ...

Ian F. Hood wrote at 2005-6-30 22:12 -0700:
>I found a thread about this from a few months ago but it really wasn't 
>the scenario is 2 (or more) Plone Sites as siblings on the Root.
>Since I am the admin for both, they tend to show each other's folders.
>The prior thread concluded this was ok since only an auth'd person would 
>see it..
>but even as admin I expect unrelated content not to break the sites..
>I will have more than one person accessing sites with this level of 
>permission.. this is a huge potential disaster.  It's impossible to know 
>where things are coming from or to whom they belong.
>How can I get the Plone Site (just its home folder??) to NOT acquire? or 
>not traverse other sites?

You can let it inherit from "Acquisition.Explicit" (in preference
of "Acquisition.Implicit").

Be warned however, that this also disables implicit access
to "Application" services such as e.g. "ZopeTime".

You will need declarations of the form "attr = Acquisition.Acquired"
for each such service you still want to acquire.



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