Uli Schlachter | 24 Nov 15:48 2012

[ANNOUNCE] awesome 3.5-rc1 released (was: [ANNOUNCE] awesome 3.4-rc1 released)

Hi everyone,

On 11.09.2009 14:05, Julien Danjou wrote:
> With a good month late, here comes 3.4-rc1.

With a good two years late, here comes 3.5-rc1.

> There's an amazing number of changes, but many are internals ones, so you 
> won't notice them.[...]

There's an astonishing number of changes.

Also, we did some changes to make awesome future-proof. With lua 5.2, module()
was deprecated in lua. Awesome no longer uses this function. However, this has
user-visible effects. You now need to explicitly assign modules to global

   local awful = require("awful")

> Some things from the default rc.lua have been moved into awful to ease the
> configuration file management. The default rc.lua is 110 lines lighter
> now.

The rc.lua is 50 lines longer now. 40 lines of that is due to a titlebar
rewrite. Instead of forcing some kind of titlebars on the user, titlebars are
now configured similar to wiboxes.

> The new widget layout system is also in place.

Everyone will hate me for replacing the widget system again, but I do like the
result. Due to this, everything works differently now. On the plus side, you
won't need to use "mywidget.widget" ever again. :-)

> There's obviously a number of changes all over the place. I don't have the
> list in mind of course, so feel free to dig into the changelog.

The same applies to this release, too!

Again, there is a wiki page for documenting some changes that affect
configurations. Feel free to update it with any kind of information which you
would have hoped to find here, but had to figure out the hard way (= asking me).


As always, we all here at breaking-your-config-WMs would like to thank all
contributors. Without your bug reports, patches, ideas and good questions,
this window manager would suck a lot more than it already does. One thing I
want to highlight: A total of 77 different people wrote patches for this release!

Have fun!

awesome version 3.5-rc1 has been released. It is available from:

tar.xz: http://awesome.naquadah.org/download/awesome-3.5-rc1.tar.xz
md5: 42b76ed6a60ca376e1e0afb859986645
sha1: 2ab103a0a9675468f1dafc35e3df756e3d31b20b

tar.bz2: http://awesome.naquadah.org/download/awesome-3.5-rc1.tar.bz2
md5: 1be1cb43adbc7242a6c53d3cc01a62bd
sha1: 8c9b558cfa9293453fb1befda9ac06b365e15df2

number of changes

number of commiters

Uli Schlachter (444):
      wibox: Set a proper back pixel
      Set a wibox' bit gravity to NorthWest.
      wibox: make sure no garbage is painted to the screen
      wibox: check if a wibox' window exists before modifying it
      Wibox: Check if a window exists before changing it
      Fix a invalid pointer crash bug
      image: Use imlib2's image cache
      Make it easier to change the default layout
      Implement the GetCapabilities call in naughty
      Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events
      Revert "Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events"
      Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events *correctly*
      client_focus_update(): Balance the lua stack
      property.c: Don't leave stuff on the lua stack
      Check for UNMAPPED instead of UNVIEWABLE
      Use WM_STATE_NORMAL as default
      awesome.spawn(): Return the PID
      Update API docs for recent change to spawn
      Check for xwininfo before using it
      awful.menu.clients: Raise the newly focused client
      Tasklist: Add some missing parentheses
      Remove _NET_WM_DESKTOP when client got no tags
      Handle _NET_WM_DESKTOP more intelligently
      Remove invalid variable usage
      Update the tasklist when a client's icon changes
      xwindow_set_state(): Use uint32_t instead of long
      Reorder some code for fullscreening windows
      Tasklist: Listen to the correct signals
      Add systray windows to the save-set
      Don't reparent systray windows on exit
      Add all managed client windows to the safe set
      Don't manually unban all windows on exit
      Handle errors in the config better
      Read a textbox' text correctly
      textbox: Throw a lua error on invalid markup
      Naughty: Catch invalid markup in notifications
      Clear a draw_text_context_t during wipe()
      Move wibox_systray_kickout() up
      Kick out the systray when wiping a wibox
      Add a comment to XCB_NONE for sibling
      Avoid some flickering when a new window opens
      Split up screen_scan()
      Screen: Only use Xrandr if it provides data
      Ignore size hints on fullscreen windows
      Minor cleanup
      Fix a minor ICCCM incompatibility
      Fix some size hint mixups
      Improve aspect size handling
      Make fullscreen stacking respect EWMH
      Fix an unbalanced lua stack operation
      awful.placement: Honor border width
      Remove windows from the save set in unmanage
      Remove systray icons from the save set
      Stack clients without causing X11 errors
      Fix an unbalanced lua stack operation
      Naughty: Handle invalid UTF-8 more sanely
      Avoid some round-trips on startup
      Stop using libxcb-property
      Remove some unused function arguments
      Stop using most of libxcb-event
      Remove some more unused function arguments
      Brown paper bag commit
      Remove all uses of attribute "unused"
      Turn this into a reparenting WM
      Split up client_getbywin()
      Unmanage clients on UnmapNotifies
      Fix reparentnotify handling
      Don't destroy client windows in unmanage
      Avoid some flickering again
      Remove a client window's own border
      Obey ICCCM 4.1.5 / 4.2.3
      client_unmanage: Update WM_STATE later
      Clear our event mask in client_unmanage()
      Overhaul property handling
      Push the property requests down
      Remove another argument to property handlers
      Ignore all UnmapNotifies due to the root window
      Select our events on new after the reparent
      Get a client's property more intelligently
      Correctly read a textbox' ellipsize and wrap properties
      prompt: Only show error messages
      Set our event mask on the root window later
      Ignore all reparents to the root window
      Unselect events on our frame window in unmanage
      Revert "Ignore all UnmapNotifies due to the root window"
      Add "focusable" property to client objects
      Check "focusable" in awful.client.focus.filter(c)
      Always unban a client that we are trying to focus
      Track the last timestamp received from the server
      Use globalconf.timestamp
      Don't fail if execinfo is not available
      Don't call "focus" hook in client_focus()
      Remove support for zaphod mode
      Move the systray info to globalconf
      Move the startup notification monitor context to globalconf
      Move the default visual to globalconf
      Save the screen in globalconf.
      Remove a pointless function argument
      Remove the now pointless struct root_win_t
      Remove globalconf.xinerama_is_active
      Remove an unneeded argument to screen_getbycoord()
      Use a single gc for all graphics operation
      Remove globalconf.screen_focus
      Revert "Don't call "focus" hook in client_focus()"
      Use _LDFLAGS instead of _LIBRARIES
      Fix luadoc for the previous commit
      Also rename the signal_* C function
      Add signals before using them
      signal: Make non-existing signals non-fatal
      Add some signals that were previously missing
      Sort all signal lists alphabetically
      Fix an invalid index in awful.rules
      signal: Fix another "unknown signal" warning
      awful.tag: Add property::icon
      Use signal emitions on classes
      ewmh: Stop using the "new" signal in C
      Convert some more code to "class signals"
      awful.prompt: "Fix" for multi-byte characters
      awful.placement: Fix a mis-calculation
      Add two more missing signals
      Wibox: Remove shape support
      Systray: Correctly compute extents (FS#768)
      barray: Work with more compare functions
      luaclass properties: Use C strings
      textbox: Stop using tokens for wrap and ellipsize
      widgets: Use strings instead of tokens
      screen: Stop using a_tokenize()
      root: Stop using a_tokenize()
      widget: Completely stop using a_tokenize()
      common/util.h: Stop using a_tokenize()
      dbus: Stop using a_tokenize()
      draw: Stop using a_tokenize
      luaa: Stop using a_tokenize()
      mouse: Stop using a_tokenize()
      client: Stop using a_tokenize
      common/xutil.c: Stop using a_tokenize
      Stop using gperf
      position: This is unused, so remove
      xutil: Remove an unused define
      awful.placement.no_overlap: Ignore desktop clients
      Automatically load oocairo and oopango on startup
      Implement color parsing
      Add drawing functions that will be needed later on
      Remove named colors
      Stop trying to use named colors
      Remove tokenize.gperf
      Use relative paths for the titlebar icons (FS#809)
      Partly revert 9a34c4567b81d9671e79acf9cbb710eb5e919bce
      ewmh: Use the libxcb define
      Error handling: Use libxcb's defines
      {tag,task}list: Use a weak-valued table
      Wibox: Unref old widgets table
      Fix a "table expected instead of nil" error
      Correctly unref widget_nodes
      widget layouts: Check the number of geometries
      Track the number of objects
      awful.widget: Stop using named colors
      Delete the randr version reply
      Naughty: Add a missing "local"
      client.content: Use p_new() instead of p_alloca() (FS#824)
      Move window type from client_t to window_t
      Wibox: Add window type property
      Work around for luadoc bugs
      Wibox type: Make this work correctly
      awful.wibox: Set the window type to "dock".
      awful.menu: Set the window type to "popup_menu"
      naughty: Set the window type to "notification"
      gears.sort: Import
      gears.object: Import
      Add a function for drawing a cairo surface
      Switch imagebox to use cairo surface from oocairo
      Image: Add functions for converting to surfaces
      imagebox: Use the functions from the image class
      Convert the textbox's bg_image to cairo
      Turn a wibox' bg_image into a cairo surface
      Convert a client's icon to a cairo surface
      client: Use a surface for c:get_content()
      rc.lua: Call launcher() with a string
      awful.widget.button: Use oocairo instead of image
      awful.menu: Use oocairo instead of image
      awful.wibox: Remove unused local variables
      Layoutbox: Use oocairo instead of image
      beautiful: Remove unused local variables
      naughty: Use oocairo instead of image
      taglist: Use oocairo instead of image
      tasklist: Remove unused local variables
      gears.color: Add much more sophiscated stuff
      graph: Port to oocairo
      graph: Remove gradients
      progressbar: Port to oocairo
      progressbar: Remove gradients
      Remove compatibility to image class
      Image: Remove
      Fix some broken luadoc
      Clean up module dependencies
      Add variables for tracking some X11 defaults
      Use the new defaults from globalconf
      screen_default_visual(): Move to awesome.c
      Make sure we set some required values on windows
      Associate our default GC with the systray window
      Use an ARGB visual if one is available (FS#829)
      Revert "Use an ARGB visual if one is available (FS#829)"
      xwindow_buttons_grab(): Ignore XCB_NONE as window
      systray: Use the screen's default depth and visual
      Create a temporary window for globalconf.gc
      Revert "Revert "Use an ARGB visual if one is available (FS#829)""
      Flush the cairo surface after drawing
      Add 'awesome --no-argb'
      Add button::{press,release} signals to windows
      Import lib/wibox/, a new widget system in lua
      Widgets: Remove
      Wibox: Rename to drawin
      Drawin: Keep a surface for all drawing isntead of a context
      Fix some style errors
      drawin: Let lua access the drawing surface
      beautiful: Track the font for oopango
      Naughty: Port to new widget system
      awful.wibox: Port to new widget system
      awful.menu: Port to new widget system
      {task,tag}list: Port to new widget system
      graph,progressbar: Port to new widget system
      lua.widget.prompt: Port to new widget system
      awful.widget.button: Port to new widget layout
      awful.widget.layoutbox: Port to new widget system
      awful.widget.textclock: Port to new widget system
      rc.lua: Port to new widget layouts
      Be compatible to oopango 1.0
      Systray: Fix
      wibox.layout.fixed: Fix typo
      tasklist: Use a fixed layout
      Some more minor fixes, make "strict" happy
      wibox.widget.background: Use draw_widget()
      awful.widget.common: Add background to the icon
      wibox.layout.align: Bugfix
      wibox.layout.fixed: Always draw "empty" widgets
      Remove globalconf.colors
      draw: Remove some now-unused stuff
      Font: Remove, oopango took over the job
      orientation: Remove
      Color: Remove, we are only using xcolor now
      xcolor: Rename to color
      Color: Remove alpha, it is unused
      Emit mouse::move signals when we get a motionnotify
      Whoops, fix wibox signals
      Luadoc: Fixage for the wibox -> drawin move
      Event handling: Don't reorder mouse handling
      widgets: Add mouse::{enter,leave} signals
      awful.prompt: Fix for the new textbox
      awful.menu: Make sure the arrow is always visible
      awful.widget.layout: Remove
      awful.tooltip: Fix for new widget layouts
      Systray: Fix some flickering
      systray: Automatically fit into available space
      client_unmanage(): Handle destroyed windows
      Graph: Fix border and geometry
      Progressbar: Fix border
      textbox: Prefix internal variables with "_"
      Awful.menu: Fix the text
      Remove outdate require("awful.widget.layout")
      Remove outdated luadoc for widgets
      margin: Accept individual margins
      Fix an unbalanced lua stack
      Rename globalconf.client_focus to focus.client
      Lazyle set the input focus (FS#804)
      client_unfocus_update: Merge into client_unfocus
      Fix another lua stack balance problem
      Ignore changes to the root pixmap
      Fix another case of unbalances lua stack
      awful.util.join: Stop using arg
      Set the systray background to white
      awful.widget.prompt: Fix error display
      luaa: Add "refresh" signal
      Wibox: Use the "refresh" signal for redrawing
      draw: Fix transparent image handling
      Systray: Configure background color via beautiful
      Systray: Remove a now-useless default background
      Use the screen's default visual by default again
      gears.debug: Import
      wibox.widget.base: Use assert() instead of error()
      Set minimum required cmake version to 2.8.0
      wibox: Fix mouse event handling
      dbus: Make sure the lua stack is balanced
      Properly die when the X server dies
      spawn: Create sessions for processes (FS#851)
      Print a warning if an invalid reference is dropped (FS#820)
      Don't use luaL_error in luaA_object_emit_signal (FS#713)
      awful.client.setwfact: Handle invisible clients (FS#693)
      Drawin: Add bg_color property
      Wibox: Set the drawin's background color if possible
      Improve wibox' API documentation
      (Try to) document the wibox constructor
      Remove some pointless code
      Remove a possibility for lua to cause X11 errors
      Make awful.client.idx public
      textbox: Verify a text when it is set
      Unban clients when they are focused
      Fix naughty
      naughty: Try ignoring all markup before giving up
      Fix a stupid typo, sorry
      Tag clients more intelligently (FS#700)
      Make ./awesome -a work
      Use ._NAME for identifying oocairo surfaces
      Don't focus a different screen on unmanage (FS#850)
      Send correct signals when c.name updates
      awful.client.floating.toggle: Fix for dialogs
      tasklist: Update when a c.minimized changes
      Add awful.client.restore()
      Bind awful.client.restore to mod+ctrl+n
      awful.placement.no_overlap: Honor original position
      imagebox: Refuse invalid images
      awful.menu: Handle invalid images better
      Simplify drawin screen handling
      drawin: Update the drawing-stuff less often
      drawin: Remove some dead code
      Move size-hints handling to lua
      Client: Only emit property::{x,y,width,height} if necessary
      tasklist/taglist: Handle invalid text better
      drawin: Remove screen property
      awful.wibox: Fix for removal of screen property
      awful.wibox: Fix for removal of screen property
      naughty: Fix for removal of screen property
      awful.menu: Fix for removal of screen property
      Stop doing per-screen banning
      Remove a useless function argument
      Turn globalonf.drawins into the list of visible drawins
      awful.menu: Stop using the removed "screen" key
      awful.wibox: Fix some flickering
      "Handle" events during startup (FS#877)
      beautiful: Use weak references for tracking fonts
      awful.autofocus: Also react on "tagged" signal (FS#883)
      Clarify the mod+n keybinding
      Correctly position wiboxes (FS#892)
      Fix two minor typos
      Fix possible crash on shutdown (FS#904)
      Make sure russian manpages are installed (FS#907)
      Support more than 5 mouse buttons
      textbox: Cause less memory allocations
      naughty: Fix replaces_id
      Where's my brown paper bag?
      drawin: Don't cause X11 errors during allocation
      ta{g,sk}list: Cache widgets again
      Screen: Convert from lightuserdata to userdata
      Add a define for the root window's event mask
      Ungrab the server before parsing the config
      tag.withcurrent(): Also tag sticky clients (FS#934)
      textbox: Actually tell pango which space we have (FS#933)
      Signal config errors via a naughty popup
      Signal runtime errors via a naughty popup
      awful.menu: Place submenus on the correct height
      drawin: Remove bg_color property
      luaA_object_emit_signal: Fix a crash on non-objects
      wibox.widget.base.make_widget: Remove outdated cruft
      screen: Add screen.by_coords()
      Revert "screen: Add screen.by_coords()"
      Add awesome.load_image()
      gears.color: Add table-based color definitions
      wibox: Allow tables as color specification
      awful.prompt: Properly stop keygrabber (FS#965)
      Focus history: Don't ignore unfocusable clients
      client_focus_refresh: Always set input focus
      Taglist: Add {bg,fg}_occupied theme options
      Add root.wallpaper() for querying the wallpaper
      Add a wallpaper_changed signal
      wibox: Add pseudo-transparency support
      C color code: Ignore alpha component (FS#966)
      Use ARGB visuals by default again (FS#837)
      awful.client.setslave: Fix for not-visible clients
      Fix a harmless compiler warning
      Fix a typo in commit fa1ca8070
      FS#996: awful.ewmh: Connect to property::border_width signal
      event: Properly ignore the "send event" flag
      Switch from oocairo to lgi.cairo
      Remove a pango hack
      Don't pass cairo surfaces around on the lua stack
      Fix naughty notifications
      gears.surface: Add a version check for lgi
      Fix naughty notifications again
      awful.widget.graph: Various minor fixes
      Simplify the graph drawing code
      xerror: Print numeric infos about the error
      Fix various minor errors after the lua 5.2 conversion
      More fixes for the recent module() removal
      awful.client: Add a missing module table
      gears.surface: Update required lgi version
      rotate: Use the draw_widget() function
      Don't change focus in response to FocusIn events
      Ignore re-focusing the focused client
      awful.rules: Implement callbacks for individual properties
      rc.lua: Call awful.tag.viewnext/prev with a screen number
      Ignore (Un)Grab focus notifies
      Unminimize before checking for tag switch (FS#1020)
      Print signal number while dying
      Handle execv() errors
      Move some helper functions to draw.h
      root: Add a wallpaper setter
      Remove all traces of awsetbg and wallpaper setters
      gears.wallpaper: Import
      Re-add wallpapers to the themes
      awful.client: Add a missing "local"
      layout: Remove duplicate capi definition (FS#1032)
      Add x11-xcb to the pkg-config checks
      gears.object: Give better error messages
      draw.h: Include lua.h
      Introduce drawables
      Add titlebars on the C side
      Use gdk-pixbuf instead of Imlib2 (FS#1028)
      luaA_window_get_opacity: Always return a number
      drawable: Add property::surface
      Added a functions for getting all tags on a screen
      awful.tag.attached_connect_signal: Simplify
      Tags: Remove screen property
      Client: Properly get rid of titlebars on unmanage
      awful.titlebars: Implement
      Don't let Xlib own the event queue
      Add "-colorspace rgb" to our ImageMagick calls
      drawin: Update the drawable's geometry on move
      rc.lua: Resize clients via the titlebar
      Send correct geometry in ConfigureNotifies
      lib/wibox: Make signals from drawables available
      awful.client: Convert another t.screen to awful.tag.getscreen()
      Remove unused signal property::widgets
      awful.icccm: Handle titlebars
      Enlarge clients when adding titlebars
      Hide titlebars on fullscreen clients
      wibox.drawables: Fix a memleak
      Fix fullscreen windows
      awful.tooltip: Update geometry in set_text (FS#956)
      Drawin: Re-add shape support
      drawin: Correctly set window shape
      client: Re-add shape support
      Fix a bug when switching fullscreen mode
      naughty: Correctly handle rowstride on icons
      wibox: Make the functions a little more object-y
      Also make gears.object more object-y
      Lots of random documentation fixes
      luadoc/: Remove luadoc hacks
      Use LDoc instead of Luadoc (FS#1006)
      Fix warnings from LDoc
      awful.client.toggletag: Use tag.getscreen()
      luadoc: Fix a typo for awesome.release
      Use glib instead of libev
      dbus: Fix event handling
      screen: Ignore RANDR displays in clone mode (FS#1046)
      change codename

Julien Danjou (109):
      graph, progressbar: remove
      key: remove deprecated code
      button: remove deprecated code
      wibox: remove deprecation warnings
      hooks: remove
      tag: remove deprecated code
      awful.wibox: remove useless deprecation-pass code
      globalconf: move argv out
      globalconf: move client_need_stack_refresh out
      timer: move into objects
      tag: move into objects
      client: move into objects
      widgets: move into objects
      key: move into objects
      button: move into objects
      wibox: move into objects
      titlebar: remove
      window: rename to xwindow
      tokenenize: remove useless tokens
      ewmh: fix toggle on maximized_horizontal
      awful.tag: fix new when layout is nil
      font: create a small surface
      font: remove draw_ prefix in names
      luaclass: implement object checking
      image: move into objects
      xwindow: check that window exists before setting opacity
      mouse: coords() get silent parameter
      awful.layout: emit arrange signal
      naughty: convert <br> tag to \n
      build: add -rdynamic to CFLAGS
      client: remove redraw()
      util: mark strhash with nonnull
      dbus: field can be nil
      dbus: check that interface is not NULL (FS#667)
      widget: fix screen number of layouts as arg
      globalconf: move prophs out
      luaa: luaA_next is static
      image: remove bad usage of globalconf.L
      globalconf: move conffile out
      xwindow: remove useless proto
      spawn: disable signalfd in libev
      spawn: remove useless proto
      luaa: dump backtrace on panic
      wibox: check border width
      build: dist now build .xz instead of .gz
      dbus: fix D-Bus documentation typo
      systray: fix screen number retrieval
      image: load with image
      dbus: move some convert code in a function
      dbus: add support for array as returned type
      ewmh: remove _NET_WORKAREA support (FS#732)
      theme/default: change default background
      Move wmsetbg as a last option (FS#737)
      Do not check if we have enough space to draw (FS#731)
      Fix awesome-client parameters
      Store widgets references as wibox items
      screen: store RandR information
      screen: export RandR information
      screen: add index by output name (FS#361)
      luaclass: add inheritance support
      window: import class
      window: add strut support
      luaclass: take care of inheritance garbage collection
      wibox: don't listen for every button press/release
      xwindow: ungrab before grabbing
      window: add buttons support
      xwindow: add xwindow_set_border_color helper function
      window: add border_color property
      key: split resolving in keyresolv
      fix tag header and order build
      awful.widget.tasklist: use symbols chars rather than images
      client: move stack code into stack
      property: remove unknown code
      window: import border_width property
      client: remove internal geometry
      stack: stack_client_* calls stack_windows()
      ewmh: remove useless update_hints calls
      client: implements maximized and fullscreen requests with Lua
      ewmh: use signals to update client hints
      ewmh: use client signals to update NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW
      Fix missing tostring
      naughty: return nothing, not nil
      dbus: only warn, dot not raises an error (FS#713)
      Fix mouse::leave signal emit on widgets (FS#774)
      ewmh: use client signals to call ewmh_update_net_client_list
      client: macrotify property setter
      luaobject: emit signals on class too
      client: use window attribute rather than invalid
      client: client_unfocus_update is static
      client: client_unfocus is static
      client: client_set_focus is static, so merge
      lua{class,object}: {add,remove}_signal() take lua_CFunction as arg
      lua{class,object}: rename signals functions
      client: emit object signals rather than class ones
      Revert "tag.lua: check name argument to add() is valid"
      client: remove prev_client_focus
      awful.tag: remove useless line
      awful.tag: do not update history when identical tags
      awful.prompt: add ctrl-backspace
      awesome-client: allow to send multi line code
      timer: add again method
      awful.rules: fix typo in example
      Set the conffile value before executing the code
      Use awesome.conffile in menu
      naughty: fix image data copy
      awsetbg: xli is reported as ok
      Fix mousegrabber run documentation
      naughty: remove score system, merge presets

Arvydas Sidorenko (34):
      Original sky theme dwindle and spiral icons
      oocairo.image_surface_create_from_png TO awesome.load_image
      Improved ZSH completion (#535)
      Splashes aren't all that special (placement-wise)
      Renamed luaL_reg to luaL_Reg
      Unnecessary #define's to static inline functions
      luaL_typerror -> luaA_typerror
      Changed all luaL_typerror to luaA_typerror
      Wrapped lua_[gs]etfenv into luaA_[gs]etuservalue
      lua_objlen wrapped in luaA_rawlen
      Portable way to replace standards Lua funcs
      Replaced already in Lua 5.1 deprecated lua_open()
      Wrapped luaL_register
      Replaced deprecated math.mod to math.fmod
      Changed unpack in portable way
      Beatiful module ported to lua 5.2
      Ported naughty to lua 5.2
      Ported lib/gears to lua 5.2
      Ported menubar to lua 5.2
      Ported wibox to lua 5.2
      Ported wibox.layout to lua 5.2
      Ported wibox.widget to lua 5.2
      Ported awful to lua 5.2
      Ported lib/gears to lua 5.2
      Ported awful.widget to lua 5.2
      Ported awful.mouse to lua 5.2
      Ported awful.layout to lua 5.2
      Ported awful.layout.suit to lua 5.2
      Fixed bug with global `tags` in rc.lua
      Portable way to use loadstring
      Calling naughty.notify without specifing module
      Broken lgi version checking
      Yet another lua call without prefixed module
      common/util.h: dodgy non-__GNUC__ p_delete

Anurag Priyam (31):
      add usage example for keygrabber API
      add markup to awful.menu.new's documentation
      fix minor grammar, and typo in awful.menu.new's documentation
      add usage example for awful.menu
      rules: allow defining exceptions to a rule - except, and except_any
      awesomerc: minimize/restore client on a left click in the tasklist entry
      naughty: add helper function, toggle() - suspend/resume notifications
      awful.tooltip docs: replace references to undefined variable 'K' with
      tasklist: allow 'symbols' used to mark certain client properties to be
      tasklist: indicate sticky clients with a solid square as the default
      gears.color: expose documentation for create_(linear|radial)_pattern
      gears.colors() docs: fix pattern string used in the example
      gears.color docs: replace literal '<' and '>' with respective HTML entities
      do not set non existent, screen property on wiboxes
      awful.screen: define getbycoord() to compute screen number of a pixel
      awful.placement: can now operate on any object with a set geometry
      add awful.util.table.cycle
      add awful.client.cycle
      keygrabber: continue grabbing till keygrabber.stop is explicitly called
      gears.color: call the correct creator function in local string_pattern
      awful.menu: always enable keyboard navigation
      awful.menu: remove superfluous return true from keygrabber's callback
      awful.prompt: remove superfluous return true from keygrabber's callback
      introducing awful.client.jumpto
      awful.client.jumpto: add missing luadoc for the parameter 'c'
      rename the iterator methods named cycle to iterate, and prettify luadoc
a bit
      introduce awful.client.run_or_raise
      unset hidden state when a client regains focus
      wibox: assume a default background and foreground color if none passed
      wibox.set_bg: remove historical cruft
      run_or_raise: fix for lua 5.2 upgrade

dodo (19):
      add pango alignment to wibox.widget.textbox
      display ontop mode for clients in awful.widget.tasklist
      wibox.widget.background: set foreground
      wibox.layout.*: add get direction method
      awful.menu: rewrite
      convert menu width and height from string to number
      awful.menu: handling with strings
      add set_font to wibox.widget.textbox
      awful.menu: Callable submenu item
      aweful.menu: unicode submenu icon
      common/version.c: show lua release & version
      awful.keygrabber: capi.keygrabber stack
      use awful.keygrabber in awful.menu
      use awful.keygrabber in awful.prompt
      no keygrabber in menubar needed
      new wibox.layout.mirror
      awful.widget.graph: don't draw bg color over fg color
      tag.screen doesn't exist anymore
      capi.screen[scr]:tags() doesn't exist anymore

Ignas Anikevicius (gns_ank) (16):
      Functionality for deleting a tag using awful.tag.
      Add match_any function and rule_any definition for different client
      Saving gama values in pngs to prevent compilation errors
      Adding {fg,bg}_normal to prevent text overlapping
      awful: ewmh.lua Fix unmaximization (#964)
      ewmh.lua: Account for the border-width
      ewmh.lua: Fix the screen_change function
      Menubar: Cleanup the environment grabbing
      Menubar: Match for command names as well.
      Menubar: 'Exec: ' item addition to the end.
      Menubar: Add shell completion to menubar
      Menubar: Add navigation and execution keybindings.
      Menubar: Shorten the prompt to just run
      Menubar: document keybindings, some luadoc fixes.
      Menubar: some more prefixes
      Menubar: Expose the wm_name attribute

Adrian C. (anrxc) (14):
      awful.tooltip: call set_geometry on show()
      awful.menu: add keygrabber support to clients menu
      awful.wibox: take wibox border into account when updating struts
      awful.wibox: sanitize height/width args to function new()
      awful.autofocus: improve client focus with multiple screens
      awful.rules: fix client tagging with multiple screens
      awful.menu: sanitize support for access keys
      awsetbg: add fvwm-root support
      awful.widget: add progressbar set_max_value property
      awful.wibox: update position on height/width property change
      awesomerc: add Mod4+t to set client on-Top
      awful.widget: add progressbar ticks property
      awful.wibox: update struts on align()
      awful.widget: add graph stack property

Lukas Hrazky (13):
      widget layouts: rewrite
      awful.util: change table.clone to do deep copies
      update taglist and tasklist to new widget layouts
      capi.widget: added widget.type getter
      update simple widgets to new widget layouts
      capi.widget: draw only widgets with numeric index
      update rc.lua to new widget layouts
      wibox: remove implicit orientation change
      progressbar/graph: fix rounding and graph drawing
      progressbar: remove minimum size limit
      naughty: update to new widget layouts
      widget layouts: always set widgets.height as total
      taglist: don't pad name with space, use margin

Alexander Yakushev (10):
      awful.prompt: Move update() out of the keygrabber.run callback
      awful.prompt: Introduce changed_callback and keypressed_callback to
      menubar: Introduce menubar extension
      gears.debug: Add functions for inspecting tables
      menubar.utils: Fix generator usage
      gears.debug: Print plain non-table values in dump_raw
      menubar: Properly stop the keygrabber
      Fix debug.dump
      menubar: Make some parameters configurable again
      menubar: Make prompt configurable

Perry Hargrave (10):
      tag.lua: move() re-index tags
      tag.lua: getidx() returns index of tag
      tag.lua: add() create tags with full table of properties
      tag.lua: check name argument to add() is valid
      awful.client.jumpto: View urgent clients smarter
      FS#917: Dont move clients with fixed positions
      Retain focus on clients moved across screens (fs#620)
      movetoscreen:Dont refocus the selected client
      Update tasklist when client screen changes
      Prevent util.cycle from infinite loop (FS#938)

Gregor Best (9):
      naughty: add suspend() and resume()
      client: _really_ honor size hints
      layouts: let client sizing honor the border width
      layouts/tile: completely fix client borders
      dbus: fix compiling error
      fix some deprecated atom constants
      awful.mouse: fix client snapping
      awful.mouse: fix interclient border snapping
      remove encoding=utf-8 from modelines

Abdó Roig-Maranges (6):
      Makes awful.client.restore return the restored client
      make naughty catch appname from DBUS messages
      Added function to change screen focus by direction
      Functions to change client focus by direction across screens
      Makes awful.screen.focus keep the cursor position on screen
      Fixes module namespace issues in screen.lua and client.lua

Felix Bier (6):
      Return condition value instead of conditional true/false
      Return condition value instead of conditional true/false
      Return condition value instead of conditional true/false
      Do not attempt to call global destroy
      tag.viewidx should take a screen index
      Fix spelling in doc string

Majic (5):
      Private naughty.getIcon() -> public awful.util.geticonpath()
      Make mouse.c max_button match event.c max_button, ~reduce~ mask-to-table
      Minor readability fixes, STREQ()-like macros added
      Refine RGB_ macros, use RGB_16TO8() in luaA_push_color()
      Re-add missing debug::deprecation signal

Alexandre "kAworu" Perrin (4):
      awesomeConfig: test for execinfo.h/backtrace()
      avoid using seq in awsetbg, and test for columns count argument of -m
      test for __builtin_clz() and fallback to an inline implementation.
      use CMake check_function_exists() for execinfo

Steven Oliver (4):
      Add NoDisplay to .desktop file (FS#1031)
      Don't strip RPATH on Solaris (FS#744)
      Remove incorrect comment.
      Have only FreeBSD require dynamic linking (FS#743)

Sébastien Luttringer (4):
      Get mousegrabber running state
      Get keygrabber running state
      Add awful.client.setmaster
      Add mousegrabber and keygrabber isrunning luadoc

koniu (4):
      awful.tag: register 'withcurrent' explicitly
      awful.rules: tag clients without flicker (FS#664)
      awful.prompt: add 'autoexec' argument
      awful.completion: callback functions return table of matches

Diego Moreda (3):
      Basic support for manpages in multiple languages
      Basic support for manpages in multiple languages
      Added Spanish translation of the man pages

Hiltjo Posthuma (3):
      Rules: check if properties of a rule exist
      Rules: change example
      awful.menu: use actual wibox border width

Pierre Allegraud (3):
      fix build on NetBSD (FS#706)
      build: do not install .in files
      build: make manpage compression optional

Pierre Mazière (3):
      Add the possibity for dynamic menu
      fix wibox origin when stretched
      Avoid wibox borders to be recovered by clients

Sergey Mironov (3):
      awful.menu: Fix menu hide/show overloading
      awful.menu: Add menu position argument
      awful.menu: Change menu:show() args set

Andrei 'Garoth' Thorp (2):
      Fix naughty.destroy parameter documentation
      docs: progressbar.lua.in missing a dash to prevent luadoc generation

Corey Thompson (2):
      Bump duplicated commands to the most recent in command prompt history
      Initialize floating_geometry on property::border_width signal (FS#826)

Duflot Jean-Luc (2):
      Add french manpages
      Update french manpages

Giuseppe Bilotta (2):
      naughty.notify: inherit from default preset
      geticon: also accept a size parameter

Konstantin Stepanov (2):
      stack graph mode works with max_value
      russian man pages

Massimiliano Brocchini (2):
      no duplicate entries in prompt history
      search in prompt history

Radu Andries (2):
      Improve naughty's dbus interface
      naughty: escape title too

Thomas Moschny (2):
      Normalize icon path names (fixes #869).
      Desktop file fixes.

TsT (2):
      mistake fix: "b" local variable declaration is missing
      table.foreach is deprecated: now use for + pairs

Alex Alexander (1):
      wibox: fix align

Andres Freund (1):
      Correct typo in awful.client.restore

André Aparício (1):
      Fix default naughty preset for dbus notifications

Anton Bobrov (1):
      awful.rules: apply accumulated rule properties (FS#669)

Ari Entlich (1):
      Fix possible memory corruption (FS#734)

Arnaud Fontaine (1):
      Update the code following release of xcb-util 0.3.8.

Axel Beckert (1):
      awful.tag.inc*: properly pass tag parameter to set*

Chris Newton (1):
      Added a flag to the exit signal

Christian Kuka (1):
      German translation of manpages

Clément Démoulins (1):
      Fix a bug when using in a rule the property 'tag'.

Damjan (1):
      awful.menu: fix gap (FS#665)

Daniel Graña (1):
      Register systray only if systray widgets are attached. (FS#503)

Danny Navarro (1):
      Add awful.widget.tasklist.filter.minimizedcurrenttags

David Palacio (1):
      Desktop clients may not be visible on all tags.

Edward O'Callaghan (1):
      Add platform support for DragonflyBSD.

Enric Morales (1):
      Add imlibsetroot setter to awsetbg script.

Felix (1):
      Return condition value instead of conditional true/false

Gianluca Fiore (1):
      Add italian translation

Gwenhael Le Moine (1):
      build: fix typo

Jacques-Pascal Deplaix (1):
      awsetbg: Add the aspect option with feh

Jeremy Bethmont (1):
      Fixed bounding shape size to take into account border size.

Josh Komoroske (1):
      Fixed window gaps in the "fair" tiling mode.

Levin Du (1):
      Fix awful.util.table.reverse

Maciej Blizinski (1):
      Fix gperf usage (FS#740)

Matthias (1):
      Fixed oocairo.image_surface_create_... typo

Matthias Schröder (1):
      awful.menu: support for access keys

Michael Abbott (1):
      Revert "build: look for libs in /usr/local/lib"

Renato Botelho (1):
      Do not install txt manpages files

Rob Hoelz (1):
      Allow usage of strings as key names for root.fake_input

Robert Lehmann (1):
      naughty: fix CloseNotification argument usage

Roman Kosenko (1):
      Fix image cropping/enlarging

Stjujsckij Nickolaj (1):
      Remove last known usage of deprecated in Lua 5.1 `arg`

Sébastien Gross (1):
      tooltip: force place() if tooltip is not visible

Thomas Arendsen Hein (1):
      New images for maximized layout.

Tomi Belan (1):
      awful.autofocus: fix multiple screens autofocus

Tumin Alexander (1):
      Added initial support for Xlib cursor themes

Yves Frederix (1):
      awful.menu: add item_enter in access key handling

Zsolt Udvari (1):
      awful.tag: allow table as layout argument (FS#670)

bob (1):
      awful.rules: add "callback" option when a rule matches

fabschub (1):
      awsetbg was missing break

immerrr (1):
      awful.prompt: insert selection at cursor position

jpike (1):
      Add naughty.config.notify_callback

lukash (1):
      awful.widget: few formal fixes for widget layouts

perry (1):
      Revert "awful.autofocus: fix multiple screens autofocus"

uzsolt (1):
      fix awful.util.table.join if first arg is null (#1052)

 CMakeLists.txt                                     |  259 +--
 awesome.c                                          |  501 +++--
 awesome.desktop                                    |    4 +-
 awesome.h                                          |    6 +-
 awesomeConfig.cmake                                |  105 +-
 awesomerc.lua.in                                   |  198 +-
 banning.c                                          |   59 +-
 banning.h                                          |    4 +-
 build-tests/__builtin_clz.c                        |   12 +
 build-utils/dist.sh                                |    2 +-
 build-utils/gperf.sh                               |  130 --
 color.c                                            |  264 +--
 color.h                                            |   48 +-
 common/array.h                                     |   16 +-
 common/atoms.c                                     |    2 +-
 common/atoms.h                                     |    2 +-
 common/atoms.list                                  |    2 +-
 common/backtrace.c                                 |   13 +-
 common/backtrace.h                                 |    2 +-
 common/luaclass.c                                  |  222 ++-
 common/luaclass.h                                  |   65 +-
 common/lualib.c                                    |   62 +
 common/lualib.h                                    |   48 +-
 common/luaobject.c                                 |  100 +-
 common/luaobject.h                                 |   34 +-
 common/signal.h                                    |   36 +-
 common/tokenize.gperf                              |  122 --
 common/util.c                                      |   78 +-
 common/util.h                                      |   59 +-
 common/version.c                                   |   13 +-
 common/xcursor.c                                   |   26 +-
 common/xcursor.h                                   |    6 +-
 common/xembed.c                                    |    2 +-
 common/xembed.h                                    |    3 +-
 common/xutil.c                                     |   69 +-
 common/xutil.h                                     |   33 +-
 config.h.in                                        |    2 +
 config.ld.in                                       |    7 +
 dbus.c                                             |  270 +--
 dbus.h                                             |    2 +-
 draw.c                                             |  667 ++-----
 draw.h                                             |  110 +-
 event.c                                            |  685 +++----
 event.h                                            |   17 +-
 ewmh.c                                             |  376 ++--
 ewmh.h                                             |   24 +-
 font.c                                             |   81 -
 globalconf.h                                       |  124 +-
 hooks.c                                            |  221 ---
 image.c                                            |  830 --------
 image.h                                            |   41 -
 keygrabber.c                                       |   33 +-
 keygrabber.h                                       |    2 +-
 key.c => keyresolv.c                               |  304 +--
 font.h => keyresolv.h                              |   21 +-
 lib/awful/autofocus.lua.in                         |   32 +-
 lib/awful/button.lua.in                            |   21 +-
 lib/awful/client.lua.in                            |  573 +++---
 lib/awful/completion.lua.in                        |   42 +-
 lib/awful/dbus.lua.in                              |    4 +-
 lib/awful/ewmh.lua.in                              |  140 ++
 lib/awful/hooks.lua.in                             |  160 --
 lib/awful/icccm.lua.in                             |  143 ++
 lib/awful/init.lua.in                              |   49 +-
 lib/awful/key.lua.in                               |   36 +-
 lib/awful/keygrabber.lua.in                        |   90 +
 lib/awful/layout/init.lua.in                       |  117 +-
 lib/awful/layout/suit/fair.lua.in                  |  104 +-
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 lib/awful/layout/suit/init.lua.in                  |   22 +-
 lib/awful/layout/suit/magnifier.lua.in             |   26 +-
 lib/awful/layout/suit/max.lua.in                   |   23 +-
 lib/awful/layout/suit/spiral.lua.in                |   39 +-
 lib/awful/layout/suit/tile.lua.in                  |   53 +-
 lib/awful/menu.lua.in                              |  849 ++++++---
 lib/awful/mouse/finder.lua.in                      |   20 +-
 lib/awful/mouse/init.lua.in                        |  152 +-
 lib/awful/placement.lua.in                         |   56 +-
 lib/awful/prompt.lua.in                            |  197 +-
 lib/awful/remote.lua.in                            |   16 +-
 lib/awful/rules.lua.in                             |  162 +-
 lib/awful/screen.lua.in                            |   89 +-
 lib/awful/startup_notification.lua.in              |   14 +-
 lib/awful/tag.lua.in                               |  439 +++--
 lib/awful/titlebar.lua.in                          |  565 ++----
 lib/awful/tooltip.lua.in                           |   66 +-
 lib/awful/util.lua.in                              |  204 +-
 lib/awful/wibox.lua.in                             |  163 +-
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 lib/awful/widget/layout/vertical.lua.in            |  101 -
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 lib/awful/widget/progressbar.lua.in                |  211 ++-
 lib/awful/widget/prompt.lua.in                     |   38 +-
 lib/awful/widget/taglist.lua.in                    |  218 ++-
 lib/awful/widget/tasklist.lua.in                   |  265 +--
 lib/awful/widget/textclock.lua.in                  |   27 +-
 lib/beautiful.lua.in                               |   71 +-
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 lib/wibox/widget/systray.lua.in                    |   82 +
 lib/wibox/widget/textbox.lua.in                    |  145 ++
 luaa.c                                             |  453 ++---
 luaa.h                                             |  116 +-
 luadoc/awesome.lua                                 |   17 +-
 luadoc/button.lua                                  |    9 +-
 luadoc/client.lua                                  |   23 +-
 luadoc/dbus.lua                                    |    6 +-
 luadoc/drawable.lua                                |   42 +
 luadoc/drawin.lua                                  |   63 +
 luadoc/image.lua                                   |  130 --
 luadoc/key.lua                                     |    9 +-
 luadoc/keygrabber.lua                              |   33 +-
 luadoc/mouse.lua                                   |    2 +-
 luadoc/mousegrabber.lua                            |    7 +-
 luadoc/root.lua                                    |   14 +-
 luadoc/screen.lua                                  |   11 +-
 luadoc/selection.lua                               |    1 -
 luadoc/tag.lua                                     |   13 +-
 luadoc/timer.lua                                   |   11 +-
 luadoc/wibox.lua                                   |   65 -
 luadoc/widget.lua                                  |   68 -
 manpages/awesome-client.1.de.txt                   |   37 +
 manpages/awesome-client.1.es.txt                   |   45 +
 manpages/awesome-client.1.fr.txt                   |   51 +
 manpages/awesome-client.1.it.txt                   |   45 +
 manpages/awesome-client.1.ru.txt                   |   46 +
 manpages/awesome.1.de.txt                          |  178 ++
 manpages/awesome.1.es.txt                          |  202 ++
 manpages/awesome.1.fr.txt                          |  200 ++
 manpages/awesome.1.it.txt                          |  203 ++
 manpages/awesome.1.ru.txt                          |  196 ++
 manpages/awesome.1.txt                             |    8 +-
 manpages/awesomerc.5.de.txt                        |   54 +
 manpages/awesomerc.5.es.txt                        |   66 +
 manpages/awesomerc.5.fr.txt                        |   77 +
 manpages/awesomerc.5.it.txt                        |   64 +
 manpages/awesomerc.5.ru.txt                        |   64 +
 manpages/awsetbg.1.txt                             |   75 -
 mouse.c                                            |  161 +-
 mouse.h                                            |    5 +-
 mousegrabber.c                                     |   46 +-
 mousegrabber.h                                     |    3 +-
 button.c => objects/button.c                       |   60 +-
 button.h => objects/button.h                       |    6 +-
 client.c => objects/client.c                       | 2000 +++++++++-----------
 client.h => objects/client.h                       |  141 +-
 objects/drawable.c                                 |  167 ++
 button.h => objects/drawable.h                     |   40 +-
 objects/drawin.c                                   |  651 +++++++
 objects/drawin.h                                   |   62 +
 objects/key.c                                      |  243 +++
 key.h => objects/key.h                             |    9 +-
 tag.c => objects/tag.c                             |  310 +--
 tag.h => objects/tag.h                             |   12 +-
 timer.c => objects/timer.c                         |   56 +-
 timer.h => objects/timer.h                         |    6 +-
 objects/window.c                                   |  396 ++++
 objects/window.h                                   |   88 +
 property.c                                         |  446 ++---
 property.h                                         |   39 +-
 root.c                                             |  276 ++-
 screen.c                                           |  476 +++--
 screen.h                                           |   31 +-
 selection.c                                        |   26 +-
 selection.h                                        |    2 +-
 spawn.c                                            |  141 +-
 spawn.h                                            |    4 +-
 stack.c                                            |  153 +-
 stack.h                                            |    4 +-
 strut.c                                            |    2 +-
 strut.h                                            |    2 +-
 systray.c                                          |  189 +-
 systray.h                                          |   10 +-
 themes/default/README                              |    3 +
 themes/default/background.png                      |  Bin 43786 -> 224736 bytes
 themes/default/background_white.png                |  Bin 0 -> 270916 bytes
 themes/default/layouts/max.png                     |  Bin 313 -> 321 bytes
 themes/default/layouts/maxw.png                    |  Bin 301 -> 321 bytes
 themes/default/tasklist/floating.png               |  Bin 345 -> 0 bytes
 themes/default/tasklist/floatingw.png              |  Bin 334 -> 0 bytes
 themes/default/theme.lua.in                        |   18 +-
 themes/sky/layouts/dwindle.png                     |  Bin 0 -> 1391 bytes
 themes/sky/layouts/spiral.png                      |  Bin 0 -> 1750 bytes
 themes/sky/theme.lua.in                            |   14 +-
 themes/zenburn/theme.lua.in                        |   22 +-
 themes/zenburn/titlebar/close_focus.png            |  Bin 211 -> 214 bytes
 themes/zenburn/titlebar/floating_focus_active.png  |  Bin 210 -> 213 bytes
 themes/zenburn/titlebar/maximized_focus_active.png |  Bin 202 -> 205 bytes
 themes/zenburn/titlebar/ontop_focus_active.png     |  Bin 188 -> 191 bytes
 themes/zenburn/titlebar/sticky_focus_active.png    |  Bin 199 -> 202 bytes
 titlebar.c                                         |  375 ----
 titlebar.h                                         |  156 --
 utils/awesome-client                               |   45 +-
 utils/awsetbg                                      |  524 -----
 wibox.c                                            | 1609 ----------------
 wibox.h                                            |  121 --
 widget.c                                           |  597 ------
 widget.h                                           |   85 -
 widgets/graph.c                                    |  628 ------
 widgets/imagebox.c                                 |  178 --
 widgets/progressbar.c                              |  680 -------
 widgets/systray.c                                  |  114 --
 widgets/textbox.c                                  |  470 -----
 window.c => xwindow.c                              |  153 +-
 window.h => xwindow.h                              |   32 +-
 235 files changed, 15358 insertions(+), 15870 deletions(-)

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