Neil Clark | 10 Mar 19:09 2009

Re: A Cure 4 Miss Riting? - days = years

--- "Neil Clark" NZ <n.clark <at>> wrote:

The worms / parasites,
that have evolved with man's evol. journey,
normalized TG's immune system.
I had those worms 2.
But it was diareha? that cleared the brain-fog.

I echoed that somewhere in
over 10 YEARS ago, site out of date now,
probably echoing someone else.

My memory comes & goes,
sometimes things poop out of the blue,
Sometimes it takes 5 years 2 understand people,
I have delayed processing,

---------now-----corrected---from----prev.--------> X

Sometimes I get confused with time,
it speeds up & slows down.
I also lose track of decade.
In this case I posted the word 
out of date in 10 DAYS
when I mean't 10 YEARS.
There were other spelling mistooks also.
Sometimes my sight,
comes & goes.
My hearing comes & goes.
My understanding does ditto.
Depending if I'm tired.
N from NZ, not Joe King.