Neil S Clark | 31 Jul 22:31 2011

Re: Dental Surgery

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> My son is 9. His adult teeth are criss-crossed so bad they aren't decending. So now it looks like he will need
surgery to correct this. Has anyone had to deal with anything like this?

If non-vocal sometimes the trigger gets them to unlock their vocal  recall ability, perhaps the shock of
but it is onlt temporary as the the mind readjusts to block it again,

tryingg to get a line into his arm preop
is virtually impossible, there is a sleeping sugar you can put in his drink before hand,
tell the ops people to remove any lines in arm b4 
he wakes up else in panic he will ripp them all outt.

When I had my sons teeth out, when he was 7 years
they used gas, but he struggled to the end

Best of luck mate, it is hell so prepare for the worst trauma possible
then you can be happy if it comes bettrr  for you