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William Mack Cooley Sr- Chicago Architect

William Mack Cooley, (1925-1966) was a prominent Chicago architect who
specialized in church design. William Cooley was a talented architect with
an altruistic spirit, ahead of his time in both his architectural designs
and socio-political views. William Cooley's firm Cooley & Boore A.I.A.
designed over 400 churches - mainly in the mid western United States. His
churches can be found in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan,
Kentucky, Georgia, and Indiana. Cooley's firm won seventeen national awards
for church design. The signature design of Cooley's churches were modern
A-Lined churches with floor to ceiling stained glass
windows.File:Cooley111.jpg Crosby Willet, William Cooley, Rev. James L.
Doom, and Milton Grigg -cut the ribbon officially opening the 26ih National
Conference on Church Architecture April 27. 1965 in Chicago Ill.
Contents  [hide] 
1 Brilliant Career and Life Cut Short by Mysterious Car Accident
2 Early Life
3 Education
4 Apprenticeship and Training
5 Cooley and Borre Associates
6 Principle Works
7 Churches desigened by William M Cooley
8 European Tours
9 Professional Memberships and Services
10 Other Affiliations
11 Awards
12 Other Works
13 Involvement with the African American Church Community on Chicago's
South Side
14 Other Notes
15 William Cooley Jr.
16 William Cooley's Grandaughter's / Missing Trust Fund / Possible Mk-Ultra
17 References
Brilliant Career and Life Cut Short by Mysterious Car Accident[edit]

William Mack Cooley was only 41 years old and just beginning his second
term as President for the Guild of Religious architects[1] - when his life
was cut short by a tragic auto accident. There remains many unanswered
questions as to what truly happened to Architect William Mack Cooley the
fatal night of his auto accident on July 16, 1966[2]. William Cooley was
the sole heir of his father's estate which included 50 percent of the stock
of the Allen & Garcia company. Allen and Garcia was the largest coal and
mining company in the United States at the time of Harry Cooley's death.
Cooley's father, Harry B Cooley was the Vice President of Allen and
According to the Lake County Inquest on the body of the Architect William M
Cooley Sr. there were no witnesses to his accident, no autopsy report, and
Cooley was announced "dead on arrival". Two death certificates were issued
for Architect William M Cooley Sr. The first death certificate was signed
by Pat Orville Clavey. Clavey was a Lake County Sheriff who some years
later was sent to Federal Prison for his mob connections[1]. The
"temporary" death certificate contains many errors, and edits . On an odd
note - the birth date on Cooley's Sr.'s death certificate was not his own -
Clavey wrote the birth date of Cooley Sr.'s eldest son, William M Cooley
Jr., who was only 15 at the time of his father's death. Despite the fact
that Cooley Sr. died alone with no family members or witnesses present,
Clavely wrote down the day and month of Cooley Sr.'s son on the 1966
temporary death certificate.[2]
Cooley Jr. was the principle heir to Cooley Sr's estate[3] which included
one half of the Allen and Garcia shares. Like his father, Cooley Jr would
die in 1992 - the same age as his father under odd circumstances as well.
The second and final death certificate was issued to Cooley Sr. after a
jury inquest was held to investigate the cause of William Cooley's demise.
The Lake County Jury Inquest on the body of the architect William M Cooley
was held on August 4, 1966 before the Chief Deputy Coroner of Lake County
William Wood at the Stirlin Peiper funeral home - almost a month after
William Cooley Sr. died. During the inquest nobody from the night Cooley
died was available to testify - not even the original coroner , and later
felon - Pat Orville Clavey. Chief Deputy Coroner of Lake County William
Wood - stated during the jury inquest that it was an "incomplete"
William Mack Cooley's remains are missing to this very day.
Early Life[edit]

William Mack Cooley was born on February 7, 1925 in Chicago. William Cooley
was the son of Flora A Daboll and Harry B. Cooley. Cooley's father Harry B.
Cooley, was the Vice President of Chicago's largest mining company Allen
and Garcia. Cooley's childhood and teenage years were spent traveling
around the world. Cooley spent his childhood years in France, England, Nova
Scotia, Trinidad, and South America. In his early teens he lived in the
Donbass Region of Siberia and the Soviet Union - while his father was
working as an engineer for Allen and Garcia on the [Coal Basin Trust].
Cooley as a teenager was fascinated by Russian churches and culture. Upon
returning to the United States, Cooley's family returned to Chicago where
he lived with his father and mother at brownstone on North Granville Avenue

William Cooley Sr. fervently began to study and pursue his career as a
church Architect upon his return to the United States. During High School
William Cooley studied at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1941. He later
graduated from Senn High School in 1942. Cooley attended Colorado Springs
Fine Arts Center on scholarship in 1942. Cooley later studied at the
Illinois Institute of Technology from 19430 1944 under Ludwig Mies van der
Rohe. Cooley graduated in 1946 from the University of Illinois with a
degree in Architectural Engineering in just two years.

Apprenticeship and Training[edit]

Draftsman - (Jan Ruthenberg) at Colorado Springs, Colorado (1942)
Draftsman Engineer - https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/ro/www/ChiEpsilonCivilEngineeringHonorSociety/chm/metz.htm
Chicago Illinois (1946-1947)
District Engineer - (George Braun) Woolworth Construction Department
Designer - walter H. Sobel - J. Stewart Stein - Chicago (1948- 1949)
Cooley and Borre Associates[edit]

After three years of apprenticeship for Chicago Church architects, and at
the mere age of 24 William Cooley established his own practice in 1949. He
was also admitted to The American Institute of Architects - Chicago Chapter
- in that same year.
Cooley & Boore A.I.A. and associates was located on 532 Busse Highway in
Park Ridge Illinois.
Principle Works[edit]

1959 - Mount Morris Christian Church, Grace Evan.
United Brethren Church., Dixon Illinois
1960 - Episcopal Church of our Savior = Elmhurst Illinois
1961 - Harvery Federated Church - Harvey Illinois
Bethel Lutheran Church - Evergreen Park Illinois
Protection Mutual Insurance - Park Ridge Illinois
1962 - Christ Unity Center - Chicago, Illinois
Bethlehem Lutheran Church - De Kalb Illinois
Moore Business Forms - Park Ridge Illinios
1963 Marion Christian Church - Marion, Iowa
Lutheran Church of Incarnation - Stickeny Twrp Illinois
1964 Faith Lutheran Church - Valders Wisconosin
St. John Lutheran Church - Lombard, Illinois
1965 First Baptist Church - Park Forest, Illinois
First Church of God - Chicago, Illinois
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Des Plaines, Illinois
1966 St. Lukes Lutheran Church - Waukesha. Wisconsin
St. John Lutheran Church - Lombard, Illinois
1965 First Baptist Church - Park Forest, Illinois
First Church of God - Chicago, Illinois
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Des Plaines, Illinois
1966 St. Lukes Lutheran Church - Waukesha. Wisconsin
Wisconsin's Lutheran Student Chapel - Madison, Wisconsin
1967 First Christian Church - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Grace Lutheran Church - Aurora ,Illinois
J.I. Case Company District Center - Castleton, Indiana
Churches desigened by William M Cooley[edit]

Blue Island Community Church - 2231 120 Street Blue Island - Annex -
William Cooley designed the L shaped structure, Lannon Stone chancel wall,
and new tower with spire. Social hall was enlarged to accommodate 400
diners, church parlor, and library on the second floor. Also built by
Cooley was a new educational wing, junior chapel,nursery,choir room, and
lounge.[4] Good Shepard Lutheran Church - Des Plaines - William Cooley and
Associates - [5] Garfield Ridge Presbyterian -56th St. Merrimack Avenue -
William Cooley Architect [6] Zion Lutheran Church (School Addition) -
Church Road and Grand Avenue - Besville Illinois - William Cooley and
Associates [7] Cheney Memorial Chapel - 99 Street and Prospect Avenue -
Dedicated to Charles Edward Cheney - Financed through Bishop Cheney
Memorial Fund & Christ Church Trust - William Cooley & Associate [8]Grace
United Protestant Church - Somonavk & Shabbona Ave - Park Forest - William
Cooley architect [9] Third Presbyterian Church - Harrison St. & Hayne
Avenue - William Cooley & Associates [10] St. Stephans Lutheran Church -
Meadowale, Illinois - William M Cooley [11] Faith Lutheran Church - Melvina
& Petterson Ave. William M Cooley[12] Trinity United Church of Christ
Markham Illinois - [13] Trinity Baptist Church - 62 Hamlin Avenue Chicago -
William M Cooley [14] Northwest Convent - Isabelle St. & Elmhurst Road -
William M Cooley & Associates [15] First Congregational Church -- Kanakee,
Illinois - [16] Lake Villa Community Methodist Church - 155th Street &
Turlington Avenue - Cooley and Boore Associates [17] Harvey Federated
Church - 155th Street & Turlington Avenue [18] Peace & Evangelical Reformed
Church ( Sanctuary, Educational Wing,Sunday School, Social Building) - 46
avenue & St. Charles Rd. William Cooley [19] [20] North Riverside Community
Presbyterian Church - 8th Avenue & 27 Street- North Riverside [21]
Westminster Presbyterian Church - 9550 Pratt - William Cooley Architect
[22] Christ Methodist Church - Elmhurst - [23] Prospect Heights Community
Church [24] North Riverside Community Church - 24 St. and 8th avenue -
North Riverside - William Cooley designed the pulpit,communion table, and
baptismal front in the sanctuary [25] Wood Dale Community Evangelical -
Woodale - William Cooley deigned the 80 thousand dollar education annex
with special wing [26] Episcopal Church Our Savior - Elmhurst Illinois -
$150,000 Contemporary Styled addition - William Cooley & Associates [27]
New Trinity Covenant Church - Crawford Av & 93 Street - William Cooley &
Assocaites [28] Grace Evangelical United Brethren - Dixon Illinios -
Willaim Cooley [29] Calvary Evangelical United Brethren Church - Villa Park
- William Cooley enlarged sanctuary and constructed a modern educational
building [30]
European Tours[edit]

Cooley made two religious study tours of Europe. He visited and studyied
both ancient and modern religious structures. In 1961 Cooley was a delegate
to an International Conference on Church Architecture in
Professional Memberships and Services[edit]

Guild for Religious Architecture - Board of Directors - President 1965-1966
American Society For Church Architecture - Board of Directors - 1959- 1963
Corporate Member of Chicago Chapter A.I.A. ( From 1948) N Carn Certified in
Illinios, Indianda, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin,
Other Affiliations[edit]

Barrington Methodist Church, Art Institute of Chicago ( Life Member),
Lutheran Society for Music and the Arts,Biltmore Country Club,University of
Illinois Alumni Association, Tribe of Illini, Alpha Tau Omega
== Public Service ==
Building Commissioner, Village of North Barrington

Episcopal Church of our Saviour - Elmhurst Illinios
Marion Christian Church - Marion, Iowa
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - Lafayette, Indiana
Other Works[edit]

Whitaker Guernsey Art Studio - 260 E. Illinios Street
4750 North Clarendon- one of the first modern high rises on the North Side
of Chicago
Involvement with the African American Church Community on Chicago's South

Cooley speaks with Studs Terkle on Radio interview
Other Notes[edit]

William Cooley Sr. was very close friends with the Architect Robert L.
Durham FAIA (President of the A.I.A. (1968 - 1969) - The Executive Director
of the Chicago Chapter of A.I.A. Marion J Smith Wrote a personal letter to
William Cooley to inform him of the "unfortunate tragedy" of William
Cooley's car crash.[31]
William Cooley Jr.[edit]

William Cooley Sr.'s son William Cooley Jr. also died under mysterious
circumstances in 1992. Cooley Jr. who was the heir to his architect
father's trust - died at the same age as his father. In an even odder twist
Cooley Jr.'s date of birth was placed on Cooley Seniors first temporary
death certificate - despite statements in the official jury inquest that
Cooley Sr. died alone in a car accident with no family or witnesses around.
William Cooley Jr. was a Georgetown Graduate with a degree in International
Economics. The lawyers representing William Cooley's estate after his death
presented him to the probate courts and to the IRS as a transient who died
in a boarding house, stating his body and belongings had been ransacked,
and that there was no proof of his bank records or financial papers. [32].
All lawyers surrounding Cooley Jr's bankrupt estate are powerful
Washingtonian Lawyers with high level secuirty cleareneces, - one is stated
to be a "quasi insider" at the Central Intelligence Agency. Another lawyer
was a Bush apointee, and is President to the Royal Crown of Charlemagne.
Another lawyer involved in Cooley Jr.'s bankrupt estate was involved with
what the Deprartment of Justice deemed an "estate scheme" in the case of
Terry McConnel and the huge estate fraud and theft of the estate of.The
head of the law firm that represented the bankrupt Cooley estate created a
private investigative company for ex CIA agents with Paul Markham. Paul
Markham was the first lawyer to arrive on the scene the night Mary Jo
Kopechne drowned.
Cooley Jr. had no autopsy report, and was immediately cremated. Cooley's
coroner was Joye M Carter. Cooley's daughters were told their father had
died of a drug overdose. The coroner Joye M Carter wrote on Cooley Jr's
death certificate that Cooley Jr. died from heart disease. Joye M Carter
prematurely left the Air Force in 1992 to take a job as the chief medical
examiner for District of Columbia - the same month Cooley Jr. died in
Washington D.C.
Cooley Jr.'s coroner, like Cooley Sr.'s coroner ( federal convict Orville
Clavey) has an interesting past. In 1998 her office was accused of
tampering with evidence in the murder of a 12-year old girl. That same year
she admitted that bodies were sometimes stacked on top of each other at her
morgue. She's been sued (and lost) twice by whistle blowers who were fired
for trying to expose corruption in the Harris County Medical Examiner's
office. Carter was also the coroner for Cliff Baxter - the C.E.O. of Enron
who committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. [http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:wB43GVYmzkEJ:www.dcdave.com/article2/990314.html+Joye+M+Carter+inslaw+case&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
Carter According to the website hereinreality.com, It took Dr. Carter 23
days to rule that the Yates children had been drowned, but she was able to
rule Cliff Baxter's death a suicide within 24 hours. In fact, she ruled
Cliff Baxter's death a suicide before she even submitted the toxicology
tests. The toxicology tests were not submitted until January 26, 2002.

There is also a connection between Carter and Paul Wilcher. Paul Wilcher
was a D.C. lawyer turned detective who mysteriously committed suicide while
investigating the INSLAW case. In a letter written by Garby Leon ( personal
friend of Paul Wilcher) to Janet Reno - Joye M Carter did not permit or
facilitate a forensic examination of Washington D.C. lawyer turned
detective Paul Wilcher who mysteriously committed suicide while
investigating the INSLAW case. There are many similarities between
Wilcher's death, and William Cooley Jr's death. Wilcher, like Cooley Jr.
was cremated without fingerprints or other evidential identification of the
body, and without complete forensic examination to determine cause of
William Cooley's Grandaughter's / Missing Trust Fund / Possible Mk-Ultra

William Mack Cooley Sr.'s two granddaughters ,were children when their
father William Mack Cooley Jr. died. They were told their father died
bankrupt and owing back taxes. 17 years later Cooley's Jr. eldest daughter
discovered the estate was still open in the Washington D.C. probate courts,
and started to investigate. Cooley's daughters did not even know their
grandfather was an architect - until contacting the Chicago History Museum
for information in 2009. Cooley's daughters later discovered their
grandfather's will which stated that upon William Cooley Jr.'s death they
would receive the trust fund after they turned 21. William Cooley's Sr.'s
granddaughter did not receive anything - and had no knowledge of whatsoever
of their history and family heritage. The stock in the mining compnay Allen
and Garica was allocated in the Cooley "bankrupt" trust fund.

Cooley's youngest granddaughter, Elizabeth Byrd Cooley, showed a great
interest in churches and art work as a teenager, and even applied to attend
the Art Institute of Chicago years before even discovering her grandfather
was a church architect whom had not only attended there, but was also a
lifetime member. Without any money, Elizabeth Byrd Cooley's was not able to
attend. Elizabeth Byrd Cooley's artistic potentials talents and mental well
being came to an abrupt end in her late teens after coming home from work
one night. Nobody knew how it happened - but Cooley's granddaughter had
been heavily dosed with LSD. She was never the same again.
The lawyer's representing and involved with William Mack Cooley Jr's
"bankrupt" estate in the D.C. probate courts were powerful lawyers with CIA
connections. One of the lawyers is even quoted as being a "quasi" insider
at the CIA - and represented Dr. Sidney Gotlieeb the notorious CIA doctor
who would dose unsuspecting victims with large amounts of LSD. This
particular lawyer represented Gotlieeb in both the Frank Olsentrial, and
defended Gotlieeb in court during the Stanley Glcikman trial Glickman was
an unsuspecting young American artist whose life path tragically ended
after his encounter with Gotleib and dosing with LSD.[http://www.guardian.co.uk/theobserver/1999/feb/14/life1.lifemagazine
Cooley's eldest granddaughter, Michelle Cooley tried exposing the situation
of both her father and grandfather, to various law enforcement agencies.
She became a victim of a highly organized gang stalking campaiagn which
almost claimed her life. During her targeting she discovered Freedom From
Covert Harassment and Surveillance and found victims ( targeted
individuals) with similar experiences. She is currently trying to educate
and expose the crime of organized gang stalking. From her own personal
experiences, Cooley's granddaughter believes technologically advanced
organized gang stalking campaigns, combined with newfangled Mk-Ultra abuses
are being used to terrorize and or terminate unsuspecting victims who are
whistle blowers, heirs, or every day citizens whom might be subjected to
illegal medical and psychiatric experimentation.
Furthering solidifying her belief that Mk-Ultra abuses are still occurring
to this very day was the discovery that the lawyer who represented the
MKULTRA CIA doctor - was involved in her father's (William Cooley Jr.)
"bankrupt" Estate - and the similarities of her younger sister's mysterious
dosing of LSD while at work with Gotleib's other victims.
Michelle Cooley's eldest granddaughter, along with other members of Freedom
From Covert Harassment recently wrote sworn affidavits to Justice
Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine. Ms. Cooley is also determined
to find out what happened to both her grandfather and father - and is
hoping to locate the final resting place of William Mack Cooley Sr.'s

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