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Re: beyondhom Japanese radoactive water


Thank-you Irene.  I so appreciate your good scientific sense.


On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 2:50 PM, Irene de Villiers <furryboots <at> icehouse.net> wrote:

On Apr 4, 2011, at 2:30 PM, Shannon Nelson wrote:
(or is it a forward...it is not clear which? It came with somethig else)
>> Also breaking today: Japan is release 2.4 million gallons of
>> radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.
So far is half truth. It is radioactive to a very small extent.
The rest is hype:
>> And this level of release is going to happen again and again as
>> more radioactive water keeps being produced there.
According to what evidence?
>> The mass irradiation of the Pacific Ocean has begun.

More hype.
Let's look at the facts instead?

Japan has a dire disaster involving four badly broken/damaged nuclear
plants. They have worked tirelessly to restore cooling to nuclear
fuel and nuclear waste rods to prevent a nuclear explosion of any of
these and have managed to do that... thankfully for us in USA (and we
seem to be being inordinately selfish and thinking only of the hype
about USA irradiation and there is little sympathy for Japan tat I
can detect or that is recorded compared to say Haiti's disaster) as
if that happened we WOULD experience radiation in USA. meantime we do
But there is bad damage still to handle, and the way to handle it has
to e devised as the problems are uncovered. It is a developing story
with lots of daily update facts for anyone who wants to follow the
facts rather than the hype that has become so poplar in USA.
Here is where to follow it for factual info:
>> Your government is lying to you about this entire story,
It is not; See the link above.
What happens - as it happens - is reported there daily, and has been
since 11 March for all to see.

Here's the true water story; it has two parts:

Part One - or problem one:
The Turbine building of Unit 2 has been found to have a leak which is
allowing radioactive water to leak out to the sea. All efforts are
being made to seal of this leak. The leak is taking a route to the
sea using tunnels and channels that were put there for getting sea
water to the reactors for cooling,
They started pouring concrete to stop the leak (Apr 2nd) but it did
not work. Apr 3rd they injected polymer to attempt to stop the
leakage. So far it is not working. Also there are 3 more added
monitoring places added to the system, 15 Km away. So it is serious
and needs to be fixed, and they will work at it to fix it.

Part Two - or problem two:
The tsunami has caused a lot of highly radioactive water to be
collected in the plants that needs somewhere to go for storage. There
is nowhere available. The option they chose as an emergency measure,
is to pump out 10,000 gallons from a LOW level radiation treatment
pool, to the sea, in order to have a working place to accommodate the
HIGH level radioactive water. The Japanese govt has okayed this
plan. This plan has yet to be implemented, (as of 7.00 UTC time) and
IAEA has asked for more information about it.

>> and now the EPA is about to raise the "allowable" levels of
>> iodine-131 radiation by thousands of times in order to be able to
>> declare the coming radioactive fallout to be completely "safe."
What a lot of hot air.
Firstly there is no "thousands of times" of any kind of radiation
getting to USA from Japan by sea. It's physically impossible, due to
half life of Iodine and heavy metal nature of Cs and Pu.
If EPS is raising what they call safe, (and I take nothing as valid
from people who invent hype here; it needs to be checked out) it
will be due to a REAL risk - such as the potential risk to USA plants
from a potential Richer 9 earthquake/tsunami off WA or CA coast
affecting USA nuclear plants - or some other USA earthquake of large

>> The way to protect America from radioactive fallout,
There is not going to be any from Japan.
Whoever wrote this knows no physical chemistry.
There MAY one day be some in USA due to a LOCAL nuclear disaster.
>> Seriously: I couldn't make this stuff up.
I see no truth in it anywhere, and none of it is verifiable. In fact,
just the opposite is verifiable.

If anything is being "hidden" from USA residents it is the danger
from OUR nuclear plants in an earthquake. THAT may need increased
"safe" levels.
>> The level of insanity that has infected the minds
or of those writing hype like this?
Surely the true facts are bad enough - at least fro Japan.
We should be supporting efforts to clean that up - for the Japanese
victims, and for food grown there - not inventing excuses for panic
for nonexistent events or events that can not affect USA.
>> of those running our state and national governments has become
>> intolerable. We are living through a circus of criminality at
>> every level among the so-called "leaders" who claim to be running
>> our country. Their actions put hundreds of millions of people at
>> risk in North America alone...

Wow, If I need someone to write somehhype for me, I know where to get
No facts - all hype. Facts are easy to find, just were not sought
>> We will be covering this breaking news in an upcoming feature
>> story on NaturalNews.com.
I'll be watching the facts instead thanks - at the link provided.
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